4 In1 RF+Mesoporation+LED+Microcurrent BIO SKin Rejuvenation Lifting Machine

4 In1 RF+Mesoporation+LED+Microcurrent BIO Skin Rejuvenation Lifting Machine

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  • Model:SR-266
  • RF for remove wrinkles
  • Mesoporation for improve skin permeability
  • LED for remove facial pigment
  • Microcurrent BIO for skin rejuvenation


It combined with 4 technologies with RF, Mesoporation, LED & Microcurrent BIO .
Two replaceable tips for face and body .It can promote the production of collagen, make the skin more tight and lift, and achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation.
Handy SR-266 that is easy to carry around, fulfill everywhere at anytime.
Enjoy skin care at home with in-office experience.


a. RF( Radio Frequency )
For detoxification, lymphatic drainage, improve blood circulation
Electrical energy tends to follow the shortest distance between two electrodes. When electricity runs through living tissue the high energy flow generates heat as a characteristic of the electrical energy and the resistance to electricity by the living tissue. This is another feature of Dr. Arrivo that adapts electricity to be gentle on the skin.
b.MP( Mesoporation )
It helps essence into your skin deeply
Mesoporation is a combination of mesotherapy and electroporation.In Europe it is widely used as mesotherapy without a needle. It achieves a high level of penetration into the skin. It is reported that Mesoporation's penetration degree is about 10 times that of conventional therapy in a 1mm depth of skin and 27 times in 4mm. An amazing whitening and anti-aging effect is possible.

c.LED( Light Emitting Diode )
For acne lesions
It works efficiently without damaging the skin by using an especially sensitive LED light developed exclusively for beauty equipment.
Adopt special strong pulse light filling technology, can be on the premise of no damage to normal skin tissue clearance face all kinds of pigment and vascular patches, at the same time stimulate collagen hyperplasia, restore skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, reduce pore, make the ascent of the whole of the facial skin, regain health of youth.
Red Light
Stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines,reduce pore size, swollen after surgery.

Blue Light
Acne bacteria contains Porphyrins; The blue light is able to kill Porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wavelength. The blue light furthermore has a calming action resulting effective on hypersensitivity.

d.Microcurrent BIO
For lifting skin, weight loss, cellulite Removal
Four elements are used to ensure that the electrical current works randomly and stimulates the muscle tissue very gently causing a secondary muscular movement that preserves the skin's elasticity and suppleness.

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  • 4 In1 RF+Mesoporation+LED+Microcurrent BIO SKin Rejuvenation Lifting Machine
  • RF for remove wrinkles
  • Mesoporation for improve skin permeability
  • LED for remove facial pigment
  • Microcurrent BIO for skin rejuvenation