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  • Professional Fractional RF Radio Frequency Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Machine
  • Professional Crystal Fractional Radio Frequency Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Machine For Eye And Face
  • Model:SR-EX16
  • Fractional RF,fractional radiofrequencyThermageRF,radio frequency


Fractional RF fight decline shape meter is the most cutting-edge, the most mysterious fight decline shaping technology. By the stars of
This technology is currently the only global a able to lift a significant to the treatment by high frequency waves, firming, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging and can reach the last several years to return to the youth of the magical effect, the equipment in the global technology pioneered in the high frequency waves, safe and reliable without damage. The magic of non-invasive organization austerity and shaping advanced beauty technology, no surgery, no injections, avoid the "pain" go, safe, efficient, relaxed and happy, no special care, postoperative does not affect the work and life.


Mainly used in the comprehensive department organization and sagging skin, wrinkles, skin aging is rough, face shaping curve, effectively improve the eyes and neck tissue relaxation, prolapse.
1), facial fight decline anti-wrinkle: deep wrinkles and creases, forehead lines, nasolabial sulcus ascension, lip wrinkles, his brow wrinkled, firming neck skin, eliminate double chin, thin face type;
2), treatment of acne; Eliminate acne scars;
3), anti-wrinkle eye: eye's around, crow's feet, eye pouch, tighten slack skin;
4), the body resistance to failure: tighten repair back, chest adjustment sculpting sculpting, leg, hip, waist and abdomen in shape, and remove the butterfly sleeves, repair mild striae of pregnancy.

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  • Professional Fractional RF Radio Frequency Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Machine
  • Fractional RF,fractional radiofrequencyThermageRF,radio frequency