2 In 1 Infrared Laser Ozone Comb Massager And Infusing Style Comb For Hair Grow

2 In 1 Infrared Laser Ozone Comb Massager And Infusing Style Comb For Hair Grow Adjust The Brain Fa

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Using the technology of infrared, ozone, and impulse. The Laser Comb Massager stimulates deep into hair follicles through eight electronic points, kills the attached scalp bacteria, expands capillary vessels, promotes metabolism and obtains the effect of Hair Re-Growth!

It will gradually recover rejuvenation through physical vibration to massage and promote head blood circulation effectively. Five-row specially made steel columns tease head repeatedly to advance absorbency and fully exert the effect of hair-growth lotions. After its full absorbency, tenuous new hairs gradually outgrow. Use on a regular basis.


Infrared Comb (Comb A):
Comb A adopts infrared, Ozone, Impulse . Eight probes stimulate cells in the scalp kill bacteria, dilate capillaries and promote metabolism to produce hair again.

Impulse - Impulse is traditional medicine in China. It has incomparable effect on treating with difficult and complicated cases. The micro electric current generated from electronic comb messager can efficiently activate cells and arouse deeply-slept hair follicles.

Ozone - ozone has germicidal effect. It can decompose enzyme of nucleic acid rapidly and kill bacteria. During the treatment, with the development of impulse penetrating into hair follicles, it cleans bacteria and keeps hair follicles healthy.

Infrared - Infrared has superpower effect to activate cells and intensify metabolism. It can promote the shedding of deceased cells and rebirth of new cells.

Lotion-infusing Comb (Comb B):
Brush B is a device to help hair grow lotion penetrate deeper into the hair follicles. Hair-restoration lotion can be effused from the entrance, and evenly distributed from multiple points. This action combined with the massaging vibration probe promotes the absorbability of hair follicles. Compared with smearing the lotion with hands, Bush B proves more effective and at the same time saves lotion being wasted on unaffected areas.

Infrared Comb (Comb A):
1 Press ON/OFF key. Impulse, Ozone and infrared are activated. Take the center of affected area from the base point, and put the comb onto the chosen area with the generator to the base point for 5-10 seconds.
2. After treating the base point, move the comb backward with the laser generator 1cm away from the base point, and then leave over area for 5-10 seconds.
3. Repeat until all desired areas have been stimulated.

Lotion-infusing Comb (Comb B):
1. Before using, open the entrance of the hair-growth solution reservoir and add approximately 10ml hair-growth solution.
2. Press ON/OFF key. The needles begin to vibrate, and the solution flows out. Then tease the whole scalp forward and backward for 10 minutes respectively.
3. Optimal results are achieved if used in a relaxed state.

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