New Pro. Bipolar High Frequency Fractional RF Accurate Skin Rejuvenation Machine

Professional Skin Rejuvenation Bipolar High Frequency RF+Fractional RF System Skin Care Machine

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Fractional RF system offers advanced fractional multi-polar radio frequency technology.The treatment remains ablations zones of micron depth including inside deep necrosis regions,it promotes more effective collagen remodeling compare with traditional resurfacing treatment.
Fractional Radio Frequency is a ideal technology for skin rejuvenation by applying precisely controlled RF energy directly into a certain depth of dermis.
Such an ideal combination of RF energy reduces treatment time and recovery time significantly differentiating from fractional laser based treatment.
Moreover,Fractional RF System can be treated irregardless of skin type,even darker Skin with low risk of skin burns and PIH comparing with other laser treatment.
The unique mesh segmented radio frequency technology ,reticular energy incoming dermis layer epidermization.Segmented grid RF energy evenly distributes on the skin surface,avoiding particular burns caused by uneven energy.
Segmented grid energy combining with mesh form to ensure taking care of every inch skin ,not only fully stimulate the regeneration of collagen,maximizing toning effects,but also compact subcutaneous tissue shape prominent contours.


Through 2MHz monopole radio frequency ,the dermal layer is heated to 75c breaking intramolecular hydrogen bond,the original collagen molecule chain will be destroyed,but molecule link will not fracture and remain link status.Heat makes the entire collagen cause contraction,immediately tighten skin tissue.
This is the principle how NVV500 make skin tightening real time.Contracted Collagen converted into collagen line,build up the entire mesh support so that the skin is fill stretch and elastic.

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