Portable Quantum Body Health Skin Analyzer LED Screen Skin Care Detector Salon C

Portable Professional Skin Analyzer Screen Magnifying Lens Two Size Skin Detector Beauty Salon User

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Prevention is Better than Cure
There is an old saying in medicine field-the best doctor cure the illness before it occurs. Prevention before diseases is the traditional way of treatment. In place of Chinese medicine diagnosis, Meridian Diagnostic Instrument can determine the body’s energy change, before illness or in the chronic diseases, and diagnose the exact symptom analysis, by the work law of bioelectric current conducting in our pulses.
The operator store the relevant electric conducting information of the target's twelve regular meridians through the remote network examination, and the database auto reflects the waving condition of corresponding diseases and the detail state of van-body sub health, in addition, it can give the relevant analysis of nosogenesis. With the collection and expansion of the logical information on remote diagnosis, our database will upgrade and the accuracy will be improved, so as to help Chinese medicine application go into all common families and play an important role in health care and disease prevention..


Meridian Diagnostic Instrument is based on the traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory, determining the energy change of internal organs through the twelve regular meridians acupuncture points, and the latest space wireless auto-reflecting diagnostic technique. It can easily and convenient to monitor the state of the internal organs, strong or weak, block or free, etc.

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