Skin Analyzer With LED Screen Magnifying 50X 200X Skin Detector Testing Salon CE

New LED Screen Skin Analyzer With 50X 200X Magnifying Skin Testing Detector Beauty Salon Machine Use

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It is more convenient for beautician operation to analyse the skin quality,oil,moisture.the beautician could completely detect the customer’s skin and hair ,thus to find out the pathology change of the skin and hair .it could compare the effects displaying before cure and after ,it is useful to persuade and satisfy the customer.

It also can formulate a comprehensive care treatment, home skin beauty, and health care guidance to replenish physical energy timely and correctly in order to solve all kinds of internal problems.


LCD screen skin analyzer, two lenses have been equipped internal,one is 50 times magnifying lens using for skin testing ,another is 200 times magnifying lens for hair testing

Speciality: Many medical experts took many years studying a large number of cases and invented this beauty equipment

Speed : Only 5minutes to test complete skin and hair condition

Advanced : Skin disease can be detected at early stage to prevent illness before appearing evidence signs and getting more serious

Accuracy : Over 98% results are accurate

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  • Skin Analyzer With LED Screen Magnifying 50X 200X Skin Detector Testing Salon CE