Magnetic Resonance Detector Detector Touch Screen Biochemical Analysis System

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The human body is the collective body of large number of cells, which are in continuous growth, development, differentiation, regeneration, and death. The cells renew themselves by self-division. There are about 25,000,000 cells dividing in adult human body per second. And the dividing speed of the blood cells is about 100,000,000/s. During the process of dividing and growth, the nucleus and the extranuclear electron, the basic components of the cell with electricity, are making the high- speed movement and changing. In the meanwhile, the electromagnetic waves are radiating outward constantly. The electromagnetic waves stand for the different specific states of human body, such as healthy state, sub-healthy state and disease state. In different states, the corresponding electromagnetic waves are different. Thus, we can check out the human body state if these specific electromagnetic waves are detected.


Replaces need for ultrasonic, nuclear magnetic resonance or radiography for various health related conditions
Simply by holding sensors in customer palm, health data will be collected within minutes from various body systems
Comparison with reference matter assists in recognizing deviations from desired response
Simple and convenient to use.
Can analyze and interpret result through short-term training
Health check can be performed in any place and at any time, saving time of patient

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