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Monopolar RF Wrinkle Remover Beauty Equipment Radio Frequency Skin Tighten RF

Portable Monopolar RF Wrinkle Remover Beauty Equipment Radio Frequency Face Skin Lifting Tightening

  • Model:SR-RF100


What is Radio frequency?
It is called diathermy(deep heating) which is the system to provide the treatment by generating the heat from inside the human body.
Principle of RF?
Electric energy input ---Transformation into biological energy --- Deep heat generated --- Natural healing and resistant force increased

Characteristics of Radio Frequency?

Oscillation width is very short.

Almost no ion movement of the human body components. No electric-chemical reaction and electrolysis.
Short period of pulsation
No simulating of the sensory nerves and motor nerves not to lead to the muscle contracted. (electric-acupuncture -effect with thousands of stimulation without muscle fatigue or accumulated lactate)
Not piezo-electric
Possible to be applied to eyes and head


1 Adiposity:
Deep diathermy;
Blood vessel dilatation;
Enhance oxygen fluid, advance oxygen-taking exercise, upgrade blood and lymph circulation, exhaust toxin and waste, activate metabolism;
Dispel and soften cellulite tissue;
Attain effect of weight reduction and controlling fatness.

Main efficacy:
Improve astriction.
Burn fatness.
Enhance flexibility.
Reduce pain.
Firm slack skins after producing baby.

2 Rejuvenate skin.
Deep diathermy;
Blood vessel dilatation, enhance blood fluid.
Supply oxygen and organic nutrition transportation, strengthen cells function, advacne blood and lymph circulation.
Activate metabolism function, make collagen albumen producing.
Tender, lift and firm skin.

Main efficacy:
Lift and firm skin, dispel wrinkle, eye bag.
Whiten and tender skin.
Control acne, shrink pores.
Make up water, sculpture face shape.

3) Treat pain.
Deep diathermy;
Activate cells metabolism function,
Relax muscle.
Increase fiber albumen tissue dilation, letdown anchylosis.
Ease pain.

Main efficacy:
Ease muscle pain.
Letdown anchylosis.
Relax fatigue of all body.

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