New MicroWave Vacuum RF Cavitation Slimming Machine Body Shapping Healthy Care

New MicroWave Vacuum RF Cavitation Slimming Machine Body Shapping Healthy Care

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1.Microwave frequency is electromagnetic waves which has 2450KHz, in the 1930s, medical workers discovered the biological effects of microwaves. Microwave hyperthermia is a non-contact heating method, does not exist due to the electrical contact caused by thermal burns and electrical burns may.

2.microwave as a millimeter wave, in addition to the common characteristics of the millimeter wave, there are a number of unique properties different from other millimeter. The main feature is its microwave-like optical, penetrating and non-ionizing.
a seems to gloss - Microwave and compared to a lower frequency radio waves, more like a light, like spread and concentration;

b penetrability - and infrared, microwave irradiation dielectric material more easily when the internal depth;

c Non-ionizing - microwave quantum energy and matter interaction, without changing the internal structure of the material elements (only to change its state of motion). Short wave FM belong, but compared with the microwave, a significant reduction in the frequency of clinical results vary widely. Human blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, the absorption of the microwave has a special effect. If the electrode under the action of ultrashort wave shortwave, fat and muscle temperature rise ratio of about 9 to 1, while the body has a layer of subcutaneous fat, fat absorption of electromagnetic Nengchan excessive heat, electromagnetic energy is bound to interfere in the deep tissue. While the microwave effect on body fat and muscle heat production ratio is close to 1 to 1, so the thermal effect of microwaves is more evenly in the deeper parts of the muscle, there are still significant thermal effects.

3 clinical mechanism of microwave microwave biological tissue by the thermal effect of various organic and inorganic compounds, these substances have different electrical properties can be, for example, the human body, sodium, potassium, calcium, iodine, iron and other inorganic ions They were in the microwave electromagnetic field suddenly attracted to suddenly be excluded form the direction of vibration of the electric field, vibration and friction between ions and the surrounding medium mutual friction between the heat generated. Originally colloidal insignificant human tissue electrical resistance, but some colloidal particles adsorbed ions are also present around the electrical properties, the formation of charged colloids, these substances in the microwave field also produce similar ion collisions movement friction generates heat. In the muscle tissue, fat, protein, internal organs, blood, lymph, etc. are in a dielectric electrically, they contain large amounts of water. Water is a polar molecule, water molecules carried by the positive and negative effects coincide with the center, usually electrical characteristics are not rendered. Water molecules in the microwave electromagnetic field polarized water molecules in the role of positive and negative charges center does not coincide. Electricity in the formation of an electric dipole moment field and press the direction of high-frequency fields rearranged to make it happen rapidly rotating frictional heat.


weight loss:
It’s arising super microwave energy with deep penetration, can penetrate the muscles around 12.5cm, modern high-temperature studies indicate: "Microwave body carving instrument" by producing bio-thermal effect in deep fat, can be deep fat soften, shrink, decompose and burn out. Especially for stubborn fat mixed muscle fat (commonly known as the pork belly meat type), visceral fat, there are other instruments stealth unparalleled results. Meanwhile super microwave allows the body deep tissue temperature, activate the lymph nodes and lymphatic capillary expansion, accelerate the flow of lymph through the decomposition of fat droplets away and other metabolites. Negative and biomimetic micro-current to tighten the shaping, hip abdomen and restore muscle elasticity has an extraordinary effect.

It produced by physical factors acting on deep tissue, selectively acts on diseased tissue, transparent dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, enhance phagocytosis, resist bacterial growth and reproduction, accelerated pathological excretion , inflammation and fluid absorption, softening mass, cyst, and promote the growth of granulation tissue, played inflammation, swelling, pain, bleeding purposes. For patients with a common female pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, ovarian cysts, abdominal mass, a significant effect. Secondly troubled urban people for a common neck and back pain, arthritis, "Microwave body carving instrument" can effectively improve the depth of injured ligaments, joint capsules and intervertebral disc repair accelerate blood circulation, promote intra-articular synovial fluid secretion, flexible spine and major joints, which play warm the meridians of the effect.

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  • New MicroWave Vacuum RF Cavitation Slimming Machine Body Shapping Healthy Care
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