3.5X Magnifying Glassess Dentist Surgery Binocular Loupes LED Head Light Lamp

3.5x LED Dentist Head Light Lamp Maginifying Glassess Surgery Dentist Usage Binocular Loupes Device

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This Led Head Light is a prerequisite equipment that for Doctors do a root canal operation ,The most popular model among dental students ,dental hygienists and dentist. Wide field of view and generous depth of field with high enough power for daily procedures.
It is a pair of led glassess,its mirror bracket is made by sports fram,and magnification times have 3.5 times and 2.5 times two choice.Object distance of two glassess is 420mm.
Four colors for mirror bracket-black,red ,blue and silvery.


• Head Strap
• Adjustment Tool
• Protective Caps
• Setting Target
• Flip Grip
• Ultra Light Weight (75.0 grams)
• One Step Pupillary Adjustment
• Convenient 420mm Working Distance
• Adjustable Angular Viewing
• Large Depth of Field
• Easy Convergence Settings
• Safety Soft Touch Frame
• Flip-up Design
• Large Field of View
• Stylish Designs
• Multi-Person Use
• Handy Protective Carry Case
• Inclusive cleaning cloth
• Screwdriver
• Flexible Headband

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  • 3.5X Magnifying Glassess Dentist Surgery Binocular Loupes LED Head Light Lamp