Pro Muscle Vibrating Massage Stimulation Body Slimming Machine Breast Enlarge

Portable Electric Muscle Stimulation Slimming Beauty Machine Vibrating Massage Breast Enlargement

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  • Model:SR-RU800S
  • EMS,Electric Muscle Stimulation,Muscle Vibrating,Massage
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SR-RU800S, a fashion cosmetic machine, easy and sinple to handle. It has several modes for proper treatment. It has a great effect on slimming the body, sculpturing the body figure, chest care etc.

Functions of Breast enhancing and body slimming machine: tighten the body,weight lost ,stimulate and massage acupoint,chest health...

Note:the pedestal will not included.


it adopted the newest exploitation of lifting pressure and lower current double alternated wave theory, it offers 10 pre-established programs to stimulate acu-point and muscle and achieve the purpose of breast enhancement, loose weight and slimming.

1.Lymph drainage: Choosing acupuncture acu-point of enhancing circulation, unfixed point scanning from the under stratum of the muscle to middle layer and surface, increasing liquid flowing speed of vein, artery and lymphatic, discharging extra water, waster of cells metabolize and toxin by the method of perspiration and urinate.

2.Weight loose and slimming: promoting the muscle shrinking and diastole to consume extra energy by the method of consume oxygen during muscle exercise to realize weight loose. Slimming is through strengthen muscle caused through skipping and sit-up, stimulating the firming and concentrated movement produced by muscle to help loose droop and inelastic muscle of the body recover tighten and firm, so that to achieve the slimming effect.


  • Breast Lift Pad
  • Model: PT-FX01
  • Breast Lift Pad
  • Breast lift pad creates electronic pulse to stimulate special points on the breasts, the electrotherapy effectively exercises muscle and nipple, help unclog mammary gland, develop strong&beautiful breasts, also prevent breast cancer and relative diseases. It best for flat and saggy breast.
  • Electrode Pad
  • Model: PT-DJ01
  • Electrode Pad
  • Electrode pad creates electronic pulse to stimulate special points of body, the electrotherapy effectively exercises muscle, relieve various of body pain, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, help slimming, tighten skin. It can treat all body areas like arms, abdomen, hip, thighs, calf, shoulder, neck, back.

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  • Pro Muscle Vibrating Massage Stimulation Body Slimming Machine Breast Enlarge
  • EMS,Electric Muscle Stimulation,Muscle Vibrating,Massage