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7in1 Beauty Equipment Ultrasonic Brushing Vacuum High-Frequency Galvanic Spary

7in1 Beauty Multi-Function Equipment Ultrasonic Brushing Vacuum High-Frequency Galvanic Spot Removal

  • Model:SR-RU1315


the beauty instrument has Ultrasonic, HF (high frequency) electropathy, Emaculation, Breast care, Vacuum and Spray functions. Each function has a separated switch, easy and simple to handle. Overcome the defect of traditional multifunctional instrument that with one function break down, all the others could not be used. The machine is with generous, elegant and portable design .


1) Galvanic Induct & Educe
In accordance with opposites attract principle, it help to induct the necessary essence which heal skin disease into dermis and accelerate the absorption, meanwhile, it will educe the impurity.
2) Ultrasonic
- Smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin
- Reduce puffiness around the eyes
- Stimulate blood circulation and increase metabolism
- Whiten black spots, freckles, and senile plaque
- Facilitate the absorption of skin care products
- Relaxes tensed muscles and reduce inflammation
- Improve the rate of lymph flow
- With 2 Probes, the big one is for body nursing,and the small one is for eyes care.
3)Rotary Brush
4 brushes
Bigger wool brush for cheek,chin and forehead
Smaller wool brush fo eyelids,lips and nose
Sponge brush for sensitive skin
Plaster brush for dead surface of coarse skin
It can remove the dirt deep into the pore to purify and shrink pores,and get rid of dead cells.
4) High-Frequency
The ultraviolet instrument stimulates skin for killing bacteria and sterilizing,increasing blood flow,has a perfect effect for treating acne
5)Spot Removal Pen
Effectively sweep off different kinds of spots,such as black spots,sun spots,ephelis,senile plaque and pigments,make skin whitening and smooth
Cleanse skin,make skin fresh,it would be a refreshin experience to use together with perfume or essential oils .
Vacuum suction goes deep into the skin,clearing up the deep dirt,grease and other impurities,removing acne.

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