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  • Body Mass Index Health Fat Analyzer Monitor New Digital Fat Loss Body Analyzer
  • Digital Fat Loss Body Analyzer Monitor BMI & Body Fat Percentage Digital Fat Loss Body Analyzer
  • Model:TS-BZ2009


According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Disease Control (CDC), one of America's leading government agencies protecting the health of our citizens, Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number calculated from a person’s weight and height. BMI provides a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people and is used to screen for weight categories that may lead to health problems.

There is no doubt that obesity is one of the major health problems in our country. America's loves for high calorie fast food and a lack of regular exercise means as much as 80% of adults are overweight compared to world standard.


An important factor in a weight reduction program is the ability to control and maintain a healthy ratio between your fat and muscle tissue.

Incorrect weight reduction program through prolonged fasting prompt our body to conserve fat but lose vital muscle tissues. Surgeries are expensive, can be very painful and unnatural. The most rewarding result is accomplished through regular cardiovascular exercise such as cycling, jogging, tennis in addition to controlled calorie intake. This method strengthens your muscular tissues, improves your aerobic performance, eliminates those ugly looking fat belts, and maintains the right look.

This is where our BMI body fat analyzer comes handy. By holding the analyzer, the device sends a small electrical current through your body. The built in micro processor can accurately measure the ratio between your adipose tissue and muscle tissue in 6 seconds. The fat % resulted are displayed in the LCD monitor against your BMI index. Recommended daily calorie intake and a body type figure is also displayed real time.

In the past, similar products from European and Japanese suppliers can often retail for over $100.00 in pharmacy or medical equipment stores. In recent years, mass production have made these products more affordable in the consumer retail market.

Tech Comparision
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How Long Does The IPL Hair Removal System Treatment Last?
The treatment is very quick, only need 15-20 minutes for the complete treatment, but also depend on the treatment area you want to hair removal or skin rejuvenation, and its size or scope. After the treatment, the beautician will need short time to see the skin situation and skin to get recovery. And the clear result will be saw after 4-6 treatments, you should do a session of treatment( say 4-6 times) after 2-3 months, then 6 months to get the permanent hair removal result.
What Is The IPL Laser Therapy Risk And Side Effect?
1. After treatment, the skin by side of pigment will getting red, but will disappear within hours or some days, and some people will getting little blisters or skin will become shallow or dark than usual temporally.

2. Burn skin, the IPL laser is too high will burn skin, but this is rare by professional operator, and when you use the portable beauty device, set up the energy from low to high according to feeling.

3. Scabbing, this is normal for pigment spots removal treatment, which are appear on surface, but will flake off after 1-2 weeks. What Is The People Say About The IPL Laser Hair Machines ?

The results of my first IPL was great.- Tara
The results. Smoother skin & reduced appearance of brown spots. - Bailey
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  • Body Mass Index Health Fat Analyzer Monitor New Digital Fat Loss Body Analyzer