4IN1 Derma Roller Infrared Ultrasonic Cold Hammer

4IN1 Derma Roller Infrared+Ultrasonic Face Body Skin Lifting+Cold Hammer Micro Needle Mesotherapy

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  • Derma Roller Infrared,Ultrasonic Cold Hammer,Infrared Vibration,Gene transport


Dermaroller gene delivery instrument is a newly-developed equipment for skin care. It is a new product penetration and transport technology, using micro needle to form more than 200,000 micro channels on the skin, so that the skin nutrition can be absorbed well through these channels. With the principle of gene transfer and opened pores, it makes the products penetrate into the skin directly.
According to the medical skin report, the corneum is the barrier of our bodies, which prevent absorption of skin care products, although applied products can improve skin quality, but penetration is limited, so we need to use other instruments or tools to open our skin pipeline, to achieve a better absorption of skin care products. Breakthrough patented delivery technology of dermaroller, gene delivery instrument solve the problems of transdermal delivery, breaking the cell's own activity and absorptive capacity constraints through a special patented design, so products can completely absorbed by the skin.

Dermaroller gene input system theory
(1)Dermaroller working head can speed up the division of skin cells, promote collagen and fibroblast proliferation, so as to awaken and enhance the skin regeneration ability, diminish wrinkles, stretch marks and stains, dilute scars, fill cavity, improve skin texture ,increase skin elasticity and help you restore youth.
(2)Infrared can promote blood circulation, enhance cell metabolism, increase cell activity and has a strong penetration and thermal stimulation. Thermal effects can improve the local circulation, discharge toxins from the body effectively. The rise of temperature of local tissue can help nutrients to enter skin.
Vibration massage can accelerate blood circulation. Combined with infrared, it can be used for health care, especially for ovarian care for women.
(3)Ultrasonic has a mechanical, hyperthermal and biological effect. It can make the local tissue micro-massaged and promote blood circulation, soften organization, speed up chemical reactions and promote metabolism to achieve detoxification, wrinkles removing, skin tightening, lifting, whitening, rejuvenation and melanin elimination as well as eye bags and dark circles elimination.
(4)Cold hammer therapy (freeze tighten) has the effects of calming, easing, skin tightening, pores shrinking, pain relieving and swelling reducing


(1)Deeper layer skin rejuvenation
(2)acne ,black head reduce
(3)heating therapy, infrared, stimulate blood circuilation and lympth smooth
(4)cold hammer,tighten skin , skin lifting
(5)supersonic handle , fat dissolving

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  • 4IN1 Derma Roller Infrared Ultrasonic Cold Hammer
  • Derma Roller Infrared,Ultrasonic Cold Hammer,Infrared Vibration,Gene transport