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Photon Rejuvenation Light Therapy Health Cooling Device

Photon Skin Rejuvenation Skin Tighten CareLight Therapy Health Care Cooling Device Beauty Instrument

  • Model:HC-PRD066B


Blue480nm+/-5nm : Has a calming effect and helps us sleep better. Blue is the coldest, purest and deepest color and represents reserve and introversion.
Increase synthesizing of protein and collagen Useful to sensitive, oily skin and pimples. Help to Slimming.
Cold:Cooling skin and release pain.The cold surface temperature of the Device can be down to 5centigrade. So it can make face skin tight, smooth and detailed;release vein curved and inflammation efficiently.


Nano power of light (blu-ray) is not intrusive cold light, safe and no side effect; Suitable for sensitive oily and acne skin, eliminate acne coli, in order to achieve the purpose of removing acne whelk promote collagen protein and synthesis

Activate the skin, tighten up flabby skin gravid grain through Yin meridians, play to illuminate calm efficacy, make body and relax a rest, to relieve pain can purify open

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