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Monopolar Bipolar Tripolar Multipolar Radio Frequency

Monopolar Bipolar Tripolar Multipolar Radio Frequency RF Machine Five Polar Treatment Cooling System

  • Model:SR-M808E


1. 128 x 64mm keyboard LCD.

2. One Cooling RF handpiece realizes Mono-polar and Bi-polar only by changing the treatment tips, which facilitates the operation and save your investment.

3. 1-4MHz adjustable RF Frequency realized different penetration, so as to treat different body parts and obtain the best effect.

4. Exquisite injection moulding shell is very durable.

5. Foot pedal and button switch dual-control system satisfies various operating habits of therapists.

6. Infrared skin testing device (optional) can precisely display skin temperature, make treatment more safe and effective.

7. Optional No-cooling Tri-polar & Five-polar treatment handpiece.

8. Specially designed M808E base (optional).

9. CE certificate issued by TUV Germany.


Treatment Handle RW-VI (Cooling Mono-polar & Bi-polar combined in one)
RD-II(tripolar Five-polar no cooling)
Treatment Tips Mono-polar:10mm, 25mm, 40mm
Bi-polar: 25mm,35mm
RF Frequency 1-4MHz Adjustable
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC 110V 60Hz 10A

RF Power 5-110W
RF Duration 1-20S
RF Delay 1-20S
Cooling -2 celsius~0 celsius
Input Power 330w

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