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Slimming Equipment is an integration of advanced biotechnology and intellectual technologies, which owns excellent professional formula prescription, unique grouping concept. According to the biological theory of the body and the principle of electronic engineering, the instrument adopts original swept systems circuit, integrating fat reduction, body beautification, breast healthcares, expelling of toxin and health protection. There are 7 compound computer prescriptions and 12 pulse outputs aiming at whole body fatness, partial fatness, mastoptosis, buttocks drop, skin relaxation and various pains.
The remarkable frequency combination, dynamic LCD makes the nursing course perfect and professional.

Colorful photon(LED light) source is a new photon-based compound light, which is a combination of light waves of near infrared and middle infrared, filtering the X-rays and ultraviolet ray harmful to the skin, the light wave is much more soft than laser, and conducts no side effect on the eyes. It utilizes the medicative cold light produced by LED so as to effectively promote the generation of skins, which keeps simple in operation, wide in radiating area as well as wide functions.


Promote cell division, increase new cells, prolong the aging, remove stagnant blood in tissue and dropsy, add moisture and nutrient needed by the skin, rebulid waist, reduce abdomen, beautify legs, pull buttocks and relax anaphylaxis of the skin, expel toxin out of lymph and nourish skins.

Relying on remarkable function and optimal combination, Three Functional equipment makes nursing and fat reduction more professional and comfortable. It is applicable for beauty salon, body beautification center and recovery and health care center, etc.

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