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Enhance physical fitness relieve tension improve sleeping efficient rest floating space capsule spa stress reliever

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  • Eliminate Tension, Improve Sleep, And Rest Efficie
  • Muscle Relaxation, Improved Memory And energetic
  • Regulate Joints, Prevent Pain, Lower Blood Pressur
  • Enhance Physical Fitness, Regulate Pulse And Reduc
  • Detoxifies Skin And Promotes Hair Growth
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The space hypnotic floating system is developed based on the continuous increase of insomniac people caused by the huge spirit, life and work pressure of modern urban people. The project has created intensive medical conditioning, physical therapy, hydraulic floating, music therapy, relaxation and decompression, psychological therapy The new technology of hypnosis and recuperation combined with health oxygen therapy is a new breakthrough in floating sleep and health. The caregiver can completely enter the state of \"selflessness\" without any risk, allowing the body to float and relax deeply in the state of natural floating, as if returning to the peaceful sleeping state of the fetus. The unique and novel shell-shaped space floating capsule makes people feel more return to nature, quickly recovers from fatigue to achieve deep sleep, effectively eliminates nerve dysfunction, relieves brain fatigue, repairs brain neurons, and makes people enjoy real physics The role of physical therapy and psychotherapy. In order to achieve the purpose of eliminating mental symptoms such as tension, anxiety, depression, fear, dizziness, insomnia, etc., it is the best way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and rest effectively.

Space floatation therapy has been proved to be the most natural therapy that can relax the body and mind besides medicine. It is confirmed by expert research: 30 minutes of space floating sleep is better than 4 hours of ordinary sleep. Those who often do space floating recuperation can reduce the number of cigarettes smoked by 50% and alcohol consumption by 45% per day. Space floating spa can prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, and can play a wonderful therapeutic role that is difficult to achieve by many psychotherapy methods, let people enjoy traveling in space, suspending the sea, elegant natural comfort, feeling life back to the peaceful sleep of the fetus status!


- Relieve tension, improve sleep, and rest efficiently
Space floating can produce the effect of self-hypnosis, improve enthusiasm and improve sleep; reduce psychological stress, and get an excellent rest for body and mind. Promote mental relaxation, eliminate tension, anxiety, depression, fear and jet lag fatigue, eliminate mental and physical stress; play a fast charging and energy supplement to the body.

- Muscle relaxation, improve memory, and energetic
Experts of the effect of space floating on human health pointed out that 30 minutes of space floating sleep is better than 4 hours of ordinary sleep. It can stimulate the synchronization of the left and right brains and improve the brain waves; make people’s thinking clear, sharp and flexible; increase Creativity, improve observation ability; reduce the tension between thought and body, make people refreshed and energetic, make people consciously enter the \"nil\" state, and receive the same relaxing effects of acupuncture and yoga.

- Regulate joints, prevent pain, lower blood pressure
The floating state of space makes the muscles no longer have to fight against gravity, and the sense of weight will also disappear, so that people’s muscles, joints, cervical vertebrae, etc. can quickly enter complete relaxation, get deep relaxation, and readjust the blood supply state of the human body. Improve blood circulation; it has a significant auxiliary treatment effect on the treatment of neurasthenia, mental stress spasm, hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis, etc., and has a good effect on the elimination of systemic pain.

- Enhance physical fitness, regulate pulse and reduce trauma
Space floating can improve the physical fitness of sports, reduce the secretion and production of cortisol and lactic acid, increase the secretion of endorphins, reduce sports trauma, accelerate recovery of trauma, regulate pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption.
- Detoxification and skin rejuvenation, promote hair growth
Space floating uses natural energy conditioning fluid containing more than 40 kinds of minerals and trace elements beneficial to human body and skin, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, magnesium sulfate, silicate, etc., minerals are released The nutrients can be deeply absorbed by the skin, activate the skin's superficial cell capacity, enhance cell metabolism, achieve the effects of hydration, detoxification and cell activation, strengthen the skin's elasticity, help absorb and dissolve excess oil, and make the skin smooth, white and delicate , Health and weight-loss effects; at the same time, the manganese and sodium elements in the natural energy conditioning fluid can also promote hair growth and have a moisturizing effect.


- Floating bath process: changing, bathing-floating-bathing, changing
- The floating package recuperation process: dressing, bathing → soothing decompression massage → space floating → bathing (clean water shower) → health care treatment → dressing
After the users change their clothes and take a bath to relax and decompress, follow the steps below:
- Clear goals-I want to relieve stress, it is very important to relax first (the first time the user will feel uncomfortable);
- Steps to enter the floating cabin-first put the headrest around your neck, and after entering the cabin, hold the armrests on both sides with your hands, and then slowly squat down to sit, then slowly straighten your legs and lie back with the armrests on both sides Next, let go of your hands now and you can enjoy floating;
- Conscious thinking-imagine yourself returning to the peaceful sleeping state of the fetus in the mother's womb;
4. Entering the \"Void\" state-listening to sleep decompression music, consciously entering the \"Void\" state, forgetting all your worries, allowing yourself to completely enter the \"forgetful\" empty state, letting the body float in the state of natural floating depth Relax……
- Steps to get out of the floating cabin-hold the armrests on both sides with your hands before leaving the cabin after floating, and then sit down with your hips, your feet naturally shrink forward, then stand up slowly, stand up and step forward Just leave the cabin and take off the headrest;
- After bleaching, rinse with water, remove the micro-mineral particles in the body surface, and change clothes (the next step of conditioning can be carried out according to the needs of the floating conditioning regimen).

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Spa capsule
Spa capsule
Spa capsules are ideal systems for weight loss, anti-fat, anti-aging, massage and stress reduction.Hot spring capsules are also a non-invasive technology that provides an unattended, self-automated treatment for any health, beauty wellness, fitness and sport facility.

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  • New Relieve Tension Improve Sleeping Efficient Rest Floating
  • Eliminate Tension, Improve Sleep, And Rest Efficie
  • Muscle Relaxation, Improved Memory And energetic
  • Regulate Joints, Prevent Pain, Lower Blood Pressur
  • Enhance Physical Fitness, Regulate Pulse And Reduc
  • Detoxifies Skin And Promotes Hair Growth