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Are you still upset about your loose skin, the fine lines, and wrinkles on your face? To get healthy and bright facial skin, Perhaps, you will think about the mask, hydra dermabrasion, RF skin tightening. But here I will talk about another popular facial skincare method, high frequency facial treatment. It will help you tighten your skin, anti-wrinkle, and fine lines removal, acne management, shrink enlarged pores effectively. This post will help you better understand what is high frequency facial exactly, its benefits, treatment procedure, cost, and common FAQs.


What Is High Frequency Facial Treatment?

High-frequency treatment uses low-current high-frequency alternating currents, delivered via a glass electrode. Because the high frequency current converts some of the oxygen in the air into ozone, the treatment has a germicidal action and is also drying and warming. Consequently, the treatment is used to aid healing and also to help desquamation (the skin's natural exfoliation) and stimulate sweat and sebaceous glands.

High frequency facial is popular skincare treatment that can be used to treat different skin conditions, such as fine lines and wrinkle removal, acne management, shrink skin pore, fade dark eye circles, reduce puffy eyes, and high frequency scalp treatment, etc. It works by a safe and gentle high frequency electrical currents, high frequency facial treatment has many benefits, it is widely used in a salon, spa, training school, and medical offices.


What Does High Frequency Facial Treatment Do?

High frequency facial treatment is usually shown as a high frequency facial wand with a glass high frequency electrode to work on your face, which comes in different sizes and shapes to treat for different contours of the face. This facial treatment will help to treat various skin conditions, like anti-aging, acne removal, skin tightening, shrink enlarged pore.


What Are The Benefits Of A High Frequency Facial Treatment?

There are many benefits of a high frequency facial treatment, Here I will share them with you guys:
1. Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and tighten sagging skin.
2. Improve and reduce acne.
3. Shrink enlarged pores and reduce blackhead.
4. Increasing collagen, improve cellulite appearance.
5. Reduce eye puffiness.
6. Fade dark circles around the eye.
7.Healthier high frequency hair growth.
So many benefits for a high frequency facial, it provides a safe and non-invasive treatment procedure, better than traditional collagen injection, chemical peels, laser resurfacing.

What Is The Procedure Of High Frequency Facial Treatment?

A correct procedure of high frequency facial can get a good result, so the treatment steps are essential.
Step1, Prepare the skin for treatment - remove the makeup. Clean and dry the skin.
Step2, Apply a tiny bit of baby powder to the face for the electrode to glide smoothly.
Step3, Choose a suitable electrode depending on your treatment area, such as the mushroom electrode is used for a general massage.
Step4, Do the massage for 10 minutes, gliding the probe over the face, from the bottom to top.
Step5, Apply skincare product or facial mask to complete the treatment.


Recommended Treatments

Typically, we recommend doing the high frequency facial treatment once per day. Use different high frequency electrodes treat for the area what you need, you can use the high frequency machine for facial skincare 10 to 15 minutes one session.

How Much Does High Frequency Facial Cost?

The cost of high frequency facial treatment varies from the different treatment area and treatment applications, basically, it costs range from $50- $70 for each session, and it is affordable for the most people.

High Frequency Facial Before And After



1. Is High Frequency Facial Treatment Safe?
High frequency facial machine provides a non-invasive facial skin care procedure, it is FDA approved. It is safe and comfortable during high frequency facial treatment.

2. What’s The Difference Between Orange and Violet High Frequency Electrodes?
High frequency facial machine comes with glass high frequency electrodes, which filled with argon gas to produce a violet glow, and neon gas to produce an orange glow. The violet electrode is used to treat acne, scalp, and hair. And the orange electrode is used to treat aging skin, scalp and hair.

3. How Often Can You Use High Frequency On Your Face?
We recommend doing once high frequency facial treatment per day, one session 10-15 minutes.

4. How Does A High Frequency Facial Machine Work?
High frequency facial machine works combined with high frequency electrodes, which comes with a clear glass tube that comes in different shapes and sizes in order to treat different treatment area of body and face.

5. Does High Frequency help hair growth?
Yes, High frequency provides a gentle electrical current to improve scalp condition and help hair growth.

6. How Long Can I See Results?
Generally, some people will notice the improvement of facial skin after one treatment, however, others require need more high frequency treatments to see the obvious results.

7. Can I Combine High Frequency With Other Treatments?
Yes, In fact, many people have already combined with other safe skin rejuvenation technology to get a better result. For example, you can use LED therapy before or after high frequency facial treatment, it depends on your preference.

8. What Should I Pay Attention To During The High Frequency Facial Treatment?
-Do not use with glycolic acid or alcohol-based products.
- Do not use on the areas of broken capillaries, spider veins.
- Do not wear metal jewelry during the high frequency treatment.
- Avoid using near water or wet place.
- Avoid using near the thyroid.

High Frequency Treatment Areas

High frequency facial machine comes with various shapes and sizes high-frequency electrodes, which treat for different body and face area. Like mushroom electrode, which used for cheeks, forehead, neck, chest, back area. Point electrode, which used for the eye area, acne spots area. Comb electrode is used for scalp and hair. Lastly, Spoon electrode is used for cheeks, forehead, neck, and scalp.

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myChway Video | SR-001 How to Use High Frequency Facial Machine at Home AcneTreatment Hair Regrowth

This video shows how to use the high frequency facial machine at home, high frequency machine is the best amazing facial gadgets, - only for under $30! These are affordable, and effective. The benefits of high frequency facial treatment is that -Accelerates blood circulation -Strengthens lymph activity, kills bacteria -Stimulates circulation, eliminates acne&pimples, reduces wrinkle&fine lines, tightens skin, reduces skin irritation, improves skin texture, secretion, and PH value. - Prevents hair loss, reduce dandruff, stimulates scalp circulation to grow new hair. How did the High Frequency Facial work? High-frequency facial machine produces current that vibrates water molecules on the surface of the skin. This vibrates water molecules can increase blood circulation, lifting skin to tighten and enhance cell metabolism, oxygenated skin with good blood circulation is the key to anti-aging.

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High Frequency Acne Treatment

High frequency is a safe and non-invasive technology for skin rejuvenation, acne removal and hair regrowth.High frequency vibrations to generate thermal effects, increases activity in the skin's basal layer, refines skin texture and gives an improvement in the skin's defense against bacteria.

How To Treat Acne With High Frequency Machine

High frequency facial is a skin care treatment that will help to remove stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, prevent acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, nourish hair follicles and fade dark eye circles. This article will help you better understand the benefit of a professional high frequency machine, and how to use the high frequency facial device to treat acne.

High Frequency Hair Growth Scalp Treatment

If you already have hair removal problems, then high frequency machine may help you. How does high frequency help hair grow? Please follow me next.

All High Frequency Products


8 In 1 Dermabrasion Ultrasonic Microcurrent Skin Beauty

  • Ultrasonic utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lin
  • High frequency accelerate blood circulation
  • Spots removal use of the latest technology


7 Violet Deluxe High Frequency Facial Equipment System

  • Hair growing comb to help hair regeneration
  • Fork electrode for bid area massage body or face
  • Point massage (big) for eye massage
  • Round electrode for facial skin
  • Mushroom electrode for most area of skin
  • Face&body massage roller


Best High Frequency Machine Electrodes Neon

  • Hair growing comb for helping hair regenerat
  • Fork electrode for body or neck area massage
  • Point massage (big)+1 pc point eye massage
  • Round electrode for small facial areas
  • Mushroom electrode for large facial areas
  • Face&body massage roller


Ultrasonic RF Lipolaser Slimming Body Machine

  • 40K cavitaiton 2.0 for body slimming
  • Sextupole 3D RF for body slimming
  • Quadrupole 3D RF for face and small area
  • Vacuum Therapy for Body Massage
  • Lipo laser paddles for keep weight
  • Three Polar RF For Face And Eye's Around


High Frequency Facial care Skin Spot Remover machine

  • Mushroom Tube for large facial areas rejuvenation
  • Tongue Tube for small facial areas massage
  • Bend Tube for spot acne removal
  • Comb Tube for Hair growth