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Cooled Radio Frequency


Women are always very concerned about their appearance. As an age, more wrinkles and fine lines appear on the woman's face frequently, and their skin begins to become loose and sagging. To be beautiful and get healthy and glowing skin, some women will choose to have surgery to improve their face. However, not everyone is suitable for surgery. So we offer them another option, a non-surgical, non-invasive skincare firming method, which called Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment.


What Is Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?

Radio Frequency (RF) is a skincare technology that uses radiofrequency energy to heat up the dermis layer and stimulate the production of more collagen in order to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin.

Specialist dermatologist and founder and medical director of Eudelo Dr-Stefanie-Williams explain that “Radiofrequency (RF) is a treatment that has become increasingly popular in recent years and uses RF energy to heat the dermis and tighten the skin without damaging the top layer.”

And Cooled Radio Frequency treatment based on traditional RF technology not only tighten the skin but also keeping the skin in a mild state without damaging the skin.

When Cooled RF use on the treatment area, the subcutaneous temperature can reach 38~50 degree centigrade, but the skin surface temperature can be maintained at 10~15 degree centigrade. the cold nursing will calm the skin, no redness, and no pain during the whole treatment.

What Does Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment Do?

Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment is a non-surgical skin care procedure, if your skin always gets these problems such as redness, itching, skin loosen, fine lines and so on, cooled radio frequency face lifting will be a good choice for you. It fits for all types of skin, especially for sensitive skin. Anyway, cooled RF treatment will help tighten your skin, reduce wrinkle and fine lines, face lifting and skin rejuvenation.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?

1.Safe & Pain-free
Cooled Radio Frequency provide a non-invasive treatment, compared to traditional plastic surgery, it has no anesthesia for operation, no recovery period for the skin, it is safe and painless during the treatment process, and does not affect the normal life and work.

2.Skin Firming Effect
Use cooled radio frequency to treat on your skin, loosen skin will get the effect of pulling and firming immediately after treatment.

3.Fast & Simple Treatment
It is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment as well, you don’t have to go to a hospital for this treatment, just stay at home or sit back on the sofa, you will get a best wrinkle removal method for a lunch break.

4.Precise Treatment
Fully digitally control the emission value of RF energy, release speed, impedance detection, etc., so that the operation can be accurately treated according to the similarities and differences of skin, and can be combined with the skin infrared temperature sensing system to time since the skin temperature, making the treatment safer and more effective.

5.Long-lasting Effect
After a cooled radiofrequency treatment, more collagen will increase gradually because of RF energy's stimulation to the dermis layer, thus the skin becomes more elastic and firm, and you will see wrinkles on the face gradually disappear in the next two to six months.

What Are The Treatment Areas For Cooled Radio Frequency?

Cooled Radio Frequency mainly treat the face, eyes around, cheek, which help reduce face fine line, eyes around wrinkle, tighten cheek's loose and sagging skin, bring you a healthy and bright skin.

What Is The Procedure Of Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?

Step 1, Clean face skin about 2 minutes, make sure face skin is clean.
Step 2, Massage face skin around 2 minutes, let your skin in a relaxed state.
Step 3, Use Cooled Radio Frequency Device for facial care about 15-20 minutes, lifting facial skin from chin to cheek.
Step 4, After treatment, you have to keep daily skincare, skin deep moisturizing, and sunscreen.

We recommend 8-10 sessions treatments for three courses, 15-20 minutes one time, for the first course, 2-3 times a week, 3 days apart, for the second and third course, once half a month.

How Much Does Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?

Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment cost varies from different city and provider, and it also depends on your actual need, different treatment area has different cost as well. Typically, it ranges from $1000 to $3000 for one to five treatments on average.




1. Is Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment Safe?
Compared with ordinary RF, Cooled RF uses skin cooling technology to tighten skin. During the process, you will not feel pain and no redness on the skin, it’s comfortable and safe.

2.Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?
Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment can be used for all kinds of skin with different skin type and color, basically, it is ideal for everyone.

3.How Long Does The Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment Procedure Take?
Procedure time depends on your beautician and the treatment you need, typically, it takes 15 to 20 minutes for one treatment.

4.Does Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment Need Any Recovery Time?
Unlike plastic surgery, it is non-invasive treatment, does not require any anesthesia on the treatment area, no downtime, no recovery time. You’re able to get back to your work and life shortly.

5.What Are Results Of Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment Like?
Generally, most people's skin condition gets improved, wrinkle and fine line gradually disappear, with the continuous increase in skin collagen after cooled radiofrequency treatment, for some people, the skin-firming result might be last for two years.

6.How Many Cooled Radio Frequency Treatments Do I Need?
It depends on the patient’s skin condition and treatment area, to get the best results, we recommend at least two or three treatment sessions. If the patient’s skin condition is serious, maybe it will take more treatments.

7.What Should Pay Attention To After Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment?
- Do not take a hot bath and sauna immediately after treatment
- Keep daily skincare, don’t use irritating cosmetics within a week
- Skin deep moisturizing, use hydrating mask 2-3 time a week
- Avoid sun exposure, apply sunscreen with SPF more than 50

Cooled Radio Frequency Treatment Areas

Cooled Radio Frequency can treat most parts of body and face, such as forehead, crow's feet eye wrinkles, eyes' around, sides of nose, cheeck, lip around, chin, neck, arms,armpit, breast, back, belly, abdomen, waist, love handles, butt, thigh and legs.

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