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Why You Should Buy A Mini S Shape Machine For Facial Skin Care?

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The hot summer is coming, the sun is shining, the ultraviolet rays are strong, and the exposed face can be nowhere to hide. I believe that everyone has encountered this embarrassing situation: the summer mixed oil does not fill the water, it is difficult to moisturize and moisturize in winter. In fact, this is all kinds of imbalances in the skin. It has been found that skin damage can affect nutrient absorption and muscle circulation. The skin "appetite" is not good, and naturally applying more skin care products will not help.

The S shape machine was born to solve the problem of skin imbalance. It is a machine that truly restores the health of the skin. After many guests have used it, everyone will love it and organize it to recommend it! What a magic machine is, let's take a look!


First Evaluation By Eyes

High cold black and white match, the curved handle is very comfortable in the hand, heavy and very textured.
Features a combination of 4 handles and a total of 9 beauty techniques.

Second evaluation of the effect of the s shape facial operating handle on facial skin

There are 2 heads and 5 functions for facial treatment.
EMS+ electroporation+photon handle
RF+suction + photon handle

1. What's EMS?
EMS mainly uses the weak current to stimulate muscles and lymph, shrink muscles, and achieve removal edema and facial lifting.
The aging of human beings is divided into several steps. The first thing that appears at the beginning is not wrinkles, but the skin's "squatting, sag, collapse". This change is more terrible than wrinkles. Even if the skin is white OR The skin is smooth, it is awkward.
Wrinkles originate from the folds of the dermis. After the loss of collagen and elastin, the skin partially collapses and texture appears, forming a true wrinkle.
The sagging of the skin is caused by the fascia. Have you ever heard of the skin surgery? After folding the fascia up, reposition it to achieve the effect of ageing? This is the part.


The relaxation of the fascia will cause the skin to sag and the fat pad to fall. Then the fat pad on the tibia (that is, the apple muscle) will naturally slide down, the apple muscles will slide down and the eyelids will be pulled down, and the eyelids will be pulled down. The fat pad under the eye is lost, and there is a tear groove. Then the whole person looks very old. Many people look in the mirror and have no wrinkles. Why do they look so "no spirit"? This is a sign of aging. As shown in the figure below, the middle part is the sagging of the skin tissue caused by the relaxation of the fascia, which is obviously much older.


Since the fascia is so important, can it be repaired? Unfortunately, in addition to the skin surgery and the ultrasonic scalpel, there is no way to improve the fascia, so if you are young, we must take precautions.
This is related to our theme today.

The role of the EMS beauty instrument is actually to massage and relax the muscles. When used, the feeling of slight acupuncture indicates that the current has passed through the skin and affects the muscle layer. Many people feel the muscles does shake when using EMS beauty equipment.
Why relax your muscles? You can feel that if you are awake all day, your muscles will always be stiff, because you have to maintain your manners. When sleeping, it is the most relaxing time for facial muscles, so it is often the case.


Nowadays people are under a lot of pressure, there are many night-time people, and the opportunities for muscle relaxation are very limited. Some people even tell me that they have hardly slept after giving birth.
If your rest is so bad, then get up in the morning and feel that your face is sore. Over time, your facial muscles will not relax, your fascia will be too tired, and you will naturally sag.
Therefore, to prevent aging of the fascia, you must learn to relax your muscles.
EMS current is sufficient, short use time and high efficiency. It can help you relax your muscles.
Recommended use of EMS micro-current beauty instrument: stay up all night, rest well, the face is easy to swell, people with signs of aging.

2.What's Electroporation?
An electric field is generated between the two electrodes. When the electrode contacts the skin, the skin cells in the region are placed in an electric field, so that the cell membrane becomes permeable, and then the electric pulse wave is emitted through the electrode to push the polymer material into the skin. "The inside of the cell.
EL electroporation can introduce the injection of millions of cells into the skin at the same time, so that the skin absorbs the nutrients in the skin care products faster and achieve better skin care.
EL electroporation is a purely physical method that does not cause pain during operation and does not cause biological and chemical side effects.
EL electroporation is not selective for nutrients in skin care products, and can be introduced into high molecular substances to better achieve the nourishing effect of skin care products on the skin.

3.What's RF?
RF beauty positioning tissue heating, promote subcutaneous collagen contraction, while cooling the skin surface, the dermis layer is heated and the epidermis maintains normal temperature, this time will produce two kinds of reactions: First, the skin dermis thickens, wrinkles follow Lightening or disappearing; second, the remodeling of subcutaneous collagen, resulting in new collagen, which becomes more compact after one treatment.

4.Suction have Massage, lymphatic drainage effect.

Ok, let's introduce this to you today. Everyone should have a certain understanding of this product. If you have different opinions, you can contact me.

Life only once, must be beautiful!
Hello everyone ,this is Cocota ,I am 30 years old .I like food, reading ,travel and so on. Also I am a salegirl for beauty machine of about 4 years experience. My wish is to sell our machine to every corner of the world, make the beauty machine popular, everyone can afford it and use it, and through it to get a better themselves.
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