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How To Wholesale Skin Rejuvenation Machine?

  • Author: MaggieDate:08-23-2019

Worldwide, an endless stream of medical care machine manufacturers nowadays give wide-ranging results of wholesale industry, depending on their continuous updating and application of the technology. Medical care show with the mode of contemporary urban charm of female and male. In pursuit of weight loss, skin rejuvenation, therapeutic message,body detox,face lifting,acne removal ,to contemporary urban life, everyone add a pleasant, comfortable and beautiful. One of the most extensive program is skin rejuvenation,so,how to wholesale this kind of machine from such a mass market?

Option 1 Wholesale Skin Rejuvenation Machine From Trade Shows

The development of international exhibitions has been mature in recent years, adopts appropriate scale operation, possesses large passenger flow, and guarantees the company has perfect quality assurance. As a traditional model, the exhibition has been innovating all the time. With the tide of the Internet, through the integration of resources and multiple complementarities, the exhibition provides long-term and efficient platform services for suppliers and buyers.

For example, the “exhibition + B2B” line-down integration method can complement each other and accommodate much more buyers. With physical exhibition support, it can reduce buyers' suspicions about online virtual platform suppliers, assist suppliers to win buyer confidence, and at the same time bring integrated marketing strategies to the fullest. Therefore, the beauty and skin rejuvenation equipment at this type of exhibition, whether it is the supplier side or the demand side, the resources and channels obtained are very considerable. The price bargaining space is large.


Option 2 Buy Directly From The Suppliers Website

Let us get down to the meaning of the suppliers website firstly. It is a separate B2C(B2B) site. As we all know,it is the best way to understand a brand’s own products through its website, especially for purchasing agent worldwide. In Canada, more than 70% E-commerce establish their own brand website, which provide most abundant knowledge with products.

Undoubtedly, People opt to look through products from website in the professional field. For niche market like skin rejuvenation machine, sales can be conducted through the official website, not only to display products, but also to let customers know about the brand, so as to purchase directly and expected to establish a long-term cooperation relationship. Set an example, MYCHWAY.COMis experimental and a work in progress---one of the medical care suppliers in China,which devoted to the innovation and development of skin rejuvenation machine.


Option 3 Buy Skin Rejuvenation Machine From B2B or B2C Website

eBay is one of the largest e-commerce sites, with 23 international sites and operations in more than 100 countries around the world. eBay's business model is more like an auction house that promotes sales between third parties and sellers. For small businesses, this is an excellent platform for generating stable income. With a history of more than 20 years, new products, cutting-edge technologies and even unique products can be found here. As far as sales are concerned, the current sales of new products on ebay accounted for 81%. The sellers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises that want to expand their business outside of physical stores and self-built stations.

In the face of such rapid development , purchasing skin rejuvenation machine in bulk in eBay has more bargaining power when negotiating with wholesaler.

- Frontier technologies and design product
- Customized service
- Perfect logistics

- High wholesale quantity requirements
- Regional customs clearance


Founded in 2004, DHgate is the ever-improving online foreign trade trading platform. It is dedicated to helping Chinese SMEs to enter the global market through cross-border e-commerce platforms, opening up a new international trade channel, making online transactions. Years of professionalism and reputation have made DH gate currently have more than 1.2 million domestic suppliers, more than 30 million kinds of goods, spread in 224 countries and regions around the world, and the scale of online purchase of 10 million buyers. 100,000 buyers buy online in real time every hour.

The strength of technology and Chinese manufacturers creative force are proverbial around the world. Various medical machine and appropriate price is of great advantage to the wholesale skin rejuvenation machine.

- Chinese commodities available for export are varied
- Acceptable price

- Irregular quality
- Return and exchange route


Tradekey is a world-renowned and practical B2B website. It is also the most popular foreign trade B2B website in recent years. Tradekey has been committed to the collection and analysis of global buyer data. Headquartered in Saudi Arabia and rapidly developed since 2009.

The tradekey.com website, which is integrated with many powerful global institutions, is specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is export-oriented and has become the global leader and most B2B website. One of the foreign trade B2B websites welcomed by foreign trade companies. Tradekey.com has more than 7 million companies selling their products internationally in more than 240 countries, finding buyers and opening up international business opportunities through the use of TradeKey.com.

- New platform,less registration
- Professional B2B service

- None online chat
- Radiation narrow area



The Wish.com platform market is positioned in the developed regions of Europe and the United States, a fast-growing emerging mobile e-commerce platform, and the number of visitors has reached the top five in the world. The Wish platform sells at a lower price, restricts counterfeit goods, and has a unique product recommendation. 97% of the orders on the Wish platform come from the mobile side, and the average daily download volume of the app is stable at 100,000, and the peak time is 200,000. Looking at the advantages of the current mobile Internet, the future potential of Wish is very huge.

The Wish platform is characterized by sales under private custom mode. Wish uses smart push technology to push their favorite products to App customers and truly push-to-peer. One advantage of Wish is that it displays fewer products at a time. Through such precise marketing, sellers can get a surge in sales in the short term.

- Free mobile APP
- Precision push product

- Price competition of similar products in same page
- Irregular quality


AliExpress.com belongs to Alibaba, it is a platform for Chinese suppliers to sell to other countries buyers. You can order directly on AliExpress. On the website, when you search radio frequency machines, you will find the hot sale model first. You can find the orders and reviews directly, also you can know the buyers from which country, it will help you to find will the radio frequency machine hot sale in your country.

- Control of fake goods
- Perfect after-sales service

- Logistics and customs clearance abroad
- Promotion are insufficient



Above all, we talk about how to find suppliers to buy skin rejuvenation machines and 5 supply methods to buy skin rejuvenation machines online. In fact, each cross-border e-commerce platform has its own industry advantages and loyal customer base, or has an important or special influence in a certain country or region. For cross-border e-commerce, online channel diversification is an important way to expand network channels and scale.

If you want to purchase beauty equipment you can feel free to contact me. I can solve these problems for you anytime. If you have skin rejuvenation respect to do but not know a place? Welcome to inquire me anytime.

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