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The Time You Need to Know About Using Face Masks

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When does the mask work best? If you want the mask to exert the maximum skin-beautifying effect, you must pay attention to the best time to apply the mask and the correct method of applying the mask. Below is the detailed introduction to the correct time point for applying a mask and the matters to be aware of. Let's have a look!

The best time to use different masks in a day

Time: morning 6:30——7:00
Eye mask
Taking the time: When you have breakfast

At this time, it is recommended to use an eye mask that enhances the skin's resistance and refreshing and anti-allergic to help the skin resist dust and sun exposure. If the eye is swollen, you can also use some eye mask that can strengthen the eye circulation and tighten the eye bags.

Apply the eye mask after cleansing, gently pat the skin with your fingers and gently press on the acupoint around the eyes to speed up blood flow and improve skin absorption. This is also one of the eye care methods, but pay attention! When applying the eye mask in the morning please do not keep it on your face for a long time, the skin will only absorb the nutrients it needs. If the eye mask used for a long time, it will be too dry. Thus it will absorb The moisture from the face and brings discomfort to the delicate eye skin.

Time: 12:00 am
Brightening mask
Taking the time: after doing housework or after a meal  

This time is lunch time for the people who at work, but for the full-time wife, just finished the housework, that is the most suitable time for applying a whitening mask. Whether you choose a woven mask or a smear mask, you can also use a homemade whitening hydrating mask when you have time. It can be used once or twice a week. If you want to achieve a fast whitening effect, you can also use it for several days according to the product description.

Time: 9:00 pm
moisturizing mask  
Time spent: bathing

At this time, the amount of human hormone secretion and blood pressure are reduced, and with the tiredness of the body, the skin is also prone to fine dry lines. At this time, you can use some moisturizing essence or moisturizing mask to add some “nutrition meal” to your skin. 

How to apply moisturizing-nourishing mask, remember the most important thing- the thickness should be enough to keep the skin in a "tight" state for 20 minutes to achieve the increase in skin surface temperature, pore expansion and softening the old dead skin.  

Therefore, even if you are very busy, you can also use a moisturizing mask in the bath. The biggest advantage of this mask is that it can bring rich moisture to the skin, maintain the balance of skin moisture, and eliminate the wrinkles caused by dehydration. After use, the makeup is also moist and comfortable.

In addition, the moisturizing mask can be used at any time, for example, 20 minutes after lunch, or bring a few pieces masks during a business trip, and the water lost in a whole day can be replenished in 15 minutes.

Time: 11pm  
Nutrition mask
Taking the time: when you go to bed  

Therefore, it is recommended to fully clean the skin before going to sleep. It is best to steam the face for 3 minutes to fully open the pores before using the nourishing mask. If you don't have time to steam your face, you can apply some lotion first and then use a nutrition mask that does not need to be washed away. The lotion can promote the absorption of nutrients in the skin, allowing you to replenish moisture at night. The next morning, it is best not to use lotion to avoid "nutrition excess" in the skin. 

Please keep in mind below three precautions when you apply mask!

1、Choose mask carefully for sensitive skin

Some emulsifiers, preservatives, and fragrances will increase the irritation of sensitive skin, leading to the loss of interstitial cells and further impairing the barrier of the skin. Therefore, such skin should reduce the frequency and duration of the mask, and it should be applied for about 10 minutes each time, and it is necessary to avoid the use of soft film powder, tear-off mask and other masks which for cleaning the stratum corneum. 

2、The applied mask cannot be reused

After using the mask, many girls will leave the essence in the bag in the refrigerator and use it for the next time. This is very bad. All the essences and masks that have been exposed to air and skin have already carried a certain amount of bacteria, and they are the nutrient base for the growth of bacteria. Even if they are put into the refrigerator immediately, it will not help. So do not reuse the mask.

3、Mask can not be applied every day

Many celebrities claim to apply mask every day. You can't take this as a real thing. The mask is a reinforced skin care product. It only adds burden to the skin if you apply the mask for every day. Even if you apply the skin every day, you can't get all the nutrients, So if keep the skin In the mask environment for a long time that will reduce the skin's ability to self-repair and its own resistance, so it is recommended to select a functional mask for 2-3 times per week according to the needs of your skin!

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