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What Is The Best Muscle Training Machine?

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MS-JS2000B has used our new technology which combined EMS DFC. EMS means muscle electrical stimulation, DFC is digital frequency conversion.
Due to nervous anxiety and inactive lifestyles, more and more people today suffer from chronic neurological or muscular pain. So that is why we need to recommend to you our EMS DFC machine. Women generally suffer more from men than men. When you stay still, sitting on a chair for a day, the muscles will get nervous, and the accumulation will cause pain, and it is still a vicious circle: the pain interferes with sleep, so it is still weak, stiff, sore after getting up. It is very difficult to move, so the muscles are still in a state of tension.
But only one EMS digital frequency conversion machine you could get rid of all the nervous and muscle.

What is the EMS DFC machine?

Digital frequency conversion microcurrent is our new terminology, it will automatically be based on our patient's physical condition, age, body response current to automatically change the working frequency such as high frequency or low frequency.
EMS machines or electric muscle stimulators are used to relieve pain, reduce spasms and edema, strengthen the body and help the healing process. It is well known that electronic muscle stimulation can relieve muscle tension, joint or back stiffness, increase activity restricted by discontinuation or atrophy, and increase local blood circulation.
The EMS unit operates from 1 MHz to 130 MHz. When designing a tens unit to help alleviate certain types of chronic and acute pain by stimulating nerve tissue, the EMS unit is designed to treat more muscle areas than nerves. This can help reduce swelling and muscle swelling.


How does EMS electric muscle stimulation do?

An EMS machine (or an electric muscle stimulator) is essentially an electronic machine that can contract your muscles by the current. Thereby helping to relieve pain.
EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) potentially help to strengthen your muscles and relief nervous pain.EMS may work by increasing the speed at which the motor unit is activated. Simply put, the brain needs about 10,000 repetitions to learn how to quickly send information to the muscles through the fastest neural pathways.
When you maximally contract a muscle, 30% of the muscle fibers are in a contracted state. When the contractile fibers are fatigued, the remaining 70% are dormant and await recruitment. But with EMS, you can electrically stimulate these resting muscle fibers to increase their strength.


Can EMS build muscle?

Electrical stimulation can build muscle. EMS devices stimulate muscle motor nerves rather than sensory nerve endings. EMS electronic muscle stimulate are used to help prevent muscle atrophy, help relieve pain and adjust muscles.
Muscle atrophy is defined as a reduction in muscle mass; it can be partial or complete atrophy of the muscle, most commonly when a person suffers from a temporary disability, such as restricted mobility and/or bed rest during hospitalization. When muscles shrink, this can lead to muscle weakness, because the ability to exert force is related to quality. Modern medicine's understanding of the rapid onset of muscle atrophy is a major factor in prompting inpatients to get out of bed as soon as possible, despite the presence of sutures, wounds, fractures, and pain.

Who needs to use MS-JS2000B EMS DFC machine?

1. Suffer from muscle spasms,
2. Have poor blood circulation,
3. Have suffered from muscle atrophy due to disuse,
4. Your muscles need to be stimulated and re-educated,
5. Your muscles are weak and lack tone,
6. You have lost range of motion due to an injury or illness, or
7. You have recently had surgery and doctors want to prevent venous thrombosis in your lower legs.

What are the benefits of MS-JS2000B EMS DFC machine?

1.Improve blood circulation
2.Prevent breast cancer and other breast diseases
3.Accelerate body metabolism
4.Stimulate muscle for body sculpture
5.Good for body shaping and relaxing
And this EMS machine is equipped with 11 output systems, 10 for the body and 1 pair for breast massage.

FAQs about the EMS electric muscle stimulation machine

1. How often and how long we need to do the treatment?
EMS digital frequency conversion is like exercising in the gym, you can do it every day, but we recommend that you do DFC EMS 1-2 times a week, 15-20 minutes each time, but not more than 30 minutes each time.
2. What is the nervous pain?
Neuropathic pain is caused by damage or disease that affects the body's nervous system. It is also known as neuralgia or neuralgia. Neuropathic pain is pain from neuro-signal problems. It is different from the normal pain caused by an injury. This is called nociceptive pain.
3. Does EMS Digital Frequency Conversion Treatment only could work for the shoulder?
No.EMS Digital Frequency Conversion is suitable for the most part of the body, such as shoulder, arms, back, belly, chest, butt, waist, leg.
4. Does EMS treatment feel pain?
No.EMS is a non-surgical, non-invasive, painless treatment for body and breast care, safe and effective to operate, it just let you feel like do a massage, after the treatment you will feel very relaxed.
5. How to use EMS DFC machine?
First, you make an installation, then put the electrode pads on the targeted area and set the time and energy, when the time and energy passed then the fitness is finished.

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