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What is Infrared Pressotherapy Machine?

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Speaking of infrared pressotherapy machine, you may not be familiar with this name. If I change the word - air pressure blanket, do you have a feeling like a old friend?
But can the air pressure blanket and the infrared pressotherapy machine be painted with an equal sign? the answer is negative.

Infrared pressotherapy machine, as its name suggests, is a therapeutic instrument that combines infrared and air pressure blanket technology. It is not a single-function air pressure blanket. It can also be heated by infrared technology while high-speed vibration of the air pressure, so as to achieve better improvement of lymphatic circulation and detoxification. It uses air pressure to accelerate fat movement, air wave massage is gentle, for the patient, the treatment process is relatively safe.

The Principle of Infrared Pressotherapy Machine

The infrared pressotherapy machine uses infrared rays to generate heat energy while the barometric pressure is also working and can act on the whole body. The high-speed vibration of air pressure can promote the blood circulation and lymph circulation of the body and massage your whole body. The heat energy generated by infrared rays is safe and effective. It can better promote lymph circulation and detoxify the whole body. The air pressure forms circulation pressure on limbs and tissues by sequentially inflating and deflating air bags, uniformly, orderly and properly squeezing the distal end of the limbs to the proximal end of the limbs, promoting the flow of blood and lymph and improving microcirculation, accelerating the backflow of tissue fluid of the limbs, helping to prevent thrombosis and limb edema, and directly or indirectly treating various diseases related to blood lymph circulation.


The Effects of Infrared Pressotherapy Machine

1. Detumescence and pain relief: promote blood circulation of limbs and quickly eliminate primary secondary edema of limbs.
2. Relieving pain, rehabilitating paralyzed limbs, and relieving symptoms of insufficient blood supply such as numbness of limbs, cold hands and feet.
3. Detox and strengthen the body, promote the lymph circulation of the body, and achieve better detoxification effect.
4. Relax muscles, relieve muscle tension, relax muscles and relieve symptoms such as muscle pain and discomfort.
5. Slimming, through promoting the body's lymph circulation and blood circulation, to achieve slimming effect.

Who is Candidate for Infrared Pressotherapy Machines

1. People with habitual muscle tension and pain. Due to irregular or unhealthy living and rest habits, the muscles are in a state of tension and pain for a long time and need to achieve the effects of relaxing muscles and relieving muscle pain.
2. For those who want to realize body detoxification, many people are in sub-health state due to high-speed social life and lack of exercise. At this time, a machine that can realize body detoxification is particularly important. The infrared detoxification pressotherapy equipment can help such people improve their lymph circulation and blood circulation, promote body detoxification and improve sub-health status.
3. People who want to lose weight but are afraid that the weight loss equipment is too complicated to operate. The operation method of infrared air pressure instrument is very simple, and there is no special requirement for manipulation, as long as people start the machine after putting it on. The use experience is also better. The heat accumulated in a short period of time can place your whole body in a hotter environment and help you lose weight under such conditions.

Who is not Suitable for Infrared Pressotherapy Machines

1. People with hypertension and heart disease are not suitable for this machine, because the high temperature and high pressure treatment environment will promote and induce the occurrence of hypertension or heart disease symptoms.
2. Menstrual and pregnant women are not suitable for infrared barometric therapy. Women in this period are already in a state of poor immunity and resistance. Using high-temperature and high-pressure therapeutic instruments such as infrared therapeutic instruments may induce other uncertain discomfort symptoms.
3. Young children, children without autonomous operation ability are not suitable for such treatment.

After my above introduction about infrared pressotherapy machine, do you have well know about it?
Would you like to choose a good infrared air pressure pressotherapy equipment to improve your health? Or achieve the slimming effects? If you have the similar problems like I mentioned above, I think it’s helpful for you to buy a proper infrared pressotherapy machine. It really can help you improve many healthy problems, as well as loss weight.

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