What is Hydro Microdermabrasion?

  • Author: ericDate:12-28-2018

1. What is Hydro microdermabrasion?

Hydro microdermabrasion is a crystal-free method to the microdermabrasion process. It is the latest renovation in skincare technology. Using water jets, the outer layer of the skin will be broken up. This will reveal a smoother, more even texture of the skin. It is perfect for those that want to exfoliate the skin but have extremely sensitive skin. This procedure is gentle and very relaxing, with no discomfort felt. Skin will be slightly pink after treatment but will subside quickly thereafter. Hydro microdermabrasion is used on all skin types and will help aging skin, skin that is congested, blemished skin, or dull and discolored skin. Oily skin can benefit to make it less greasy, and pores can be shrunk. Mild acne scars can be reduced, and fine lines can be decreased. Puffy eyes have also been treated using hydro microdermabrasion. There will also be an increase in circulation and lymph flow. Skin will see results immediately after the procedure. Skin will be soft and feel hydrated. The process of hydro microdermabrasion takes about half an hour to do. The water that is used can be either distilled, saline or water that has been infused with minerals and vitamins.

2.what is the benefit of hydro microdermabrasion?

lExfoliates, Hydrates, and Cleanses for Smooth Skin Tone

lCan Tighten Pores to Reduce Prevalence of Blackheads

lImproves Collagen Production to Reduce Fine Lines

3. How much does Hydro microdermabrasion treatment cost?

Though prices can vary depending on location and clinic, basic Hydro microdermabrasion

treatments typically range from $200-$400 a session. Clients also can choose from a multitude of add-ons at an additional cost, ranging from about $25-$50.

4. How long does a hydro microdermabrasion treatment last?

The smooth results and hydration may last 5 to 7 days or even longer. We don't believe in quick fixes, so one treatment per month is recommended for improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, oily and congested skin.

5.what is the hydro microdermabrasion treatment risk and side effect?

slight redness and tight skin can be seen after a treatment, however, they will only last for an hour or two after the treatment. Cold compresses can help to alleviate this.

6.what do people say about microdermabrasion treatment?

I noticed a HUGE difference in my skin after my first treatment. It has helped with brown spots (uneven skin tone in general)

So far I love hydro microdermabrasion because it makes my skin so much brighter and I can really feel my pores aren't clogged anymore.

Hydro microdermabrasion is more than just scrubbing your skin, they use a machine to ensure they get proper coverage and clean, exfoliate, and deep clean your pores. Sure you could probably get the same results at home, but sometimes it’s nice for someone else to do the work for you!

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