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What Is High Frequency Facial?

  • Author: VivienneDate:12-18-2019

Have you heard about the high frequency facial? What is the high frequency facial? How does it function on our facial skin to deal with our skin problems? How many types of it has? Any recommendations? How to use it? Let’s look through to see the answer and understand it more clearly!

What Is High Frequency Facial Treatment?

The high frequency facial treatment is a skin treatment taken advantage of the thermal effects and ultraviolet and current to cure the skin, which generated by the high frequency current vibration. It is a popular skincare technique that have the function on promoting nutrition absorption, avoiding inflammatory, accelerating wound healing and so on. And these functions have the benefit on treating and preventing stubborn acne, reducing the wrinkles and fine lines, restoring scalp status and improving the large pores, etc.


High Frequency Facial Treatment Machine Benefits

The inert gas in the electrode is combined with a mild alternating current, and then to touch the skin, which means mixing with the air outside the electrode, the current will inject rejuvenating oxygen molecules into the skin to change the function of the cell membrane of the human body and change its ion channel. Changes in the receptor state on the cell membrane, then the inflammatory mediator can not bind to the receptor, so that shrink the end of the capillary contraction, thereby inhibiting the occurrence and development of inflammation. This process has a slight tingling sensation, besides, it can be used with products, such as essence or acne removal gel to achieve better therapeutic results.

High Frequency Facial Treatment Wands


There are four High Frequency electrodes.
Bend Tube works on regional area and a small number of acne, and it benefits on controlling acne and gingivitis.
Tongue Tube functions on nasal groove and reshaping of the lips.
Mushroom Tube is suitable for most area of the skin for large facial areas rejuvenation.
Comb Tube focus on helping with hair loss to stimulate its growth and promote blood circulation in the brain, relieve brain fatigue, stress and pain and activate hair follicle cells and inhibit hair loss. Its thermal effects has the advantage of calming and massaging to improving cell regeneration, also reducing and regulating oil secretion.

Best High Frequency Facial Machines


There are best high frequency facial machines recommend. Both machines work for skin spot removal. From above photo you can see that the difference between them is the electrode color, SR-001 is the orange one with neon as its inert gas for treating aging skin, scalp and hair, SR-002 is the violet one with argon as its inert gas for treating acne, scalp and hair. Anyway, both of them has four electrode shapes, which could help various facial areas problems, easy to operate and carry with good effects to see. And its reasonable prices are favorable to buy to have a try.

How to Use High Frequency Facial Machine

Step 1
Do a skin cleaning to remove the makeup with facial cleanser, and then you dry your skin.

Step 2
Apply high-frequency cream or a tiny bit of body powder to the face, bind the ear, neck, etc for gliding smoothly.

Step 3
Choose a suitable electrode to install into the handle, and then setting the intensity.

Step 4
Do the massage for about 10 minutes, gliding the probe over the face from the bottom to top.

Step 5
Apply skin care product, like cream or essence, or facial mask to complete the treatment.

Step 6
Using dry towel to clean the electrode in time.

These were the recommendation and some introductions of the high frequency facial. Hope you could get something from it. And remember to do skin care everyday to make your skin active, even if using the related products. Insisted on doing it, results are guaranteed. And welcome to leave a message in the below review area if you have some opinion or different special views. All the best.

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