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What Is The Best Vacuum Cupping Machine for Butt/Breast Enhancement?

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In recent years, women have affected chest development in a variety of situations. For example, in work or study, or from the pressure of all aspects of life, and often bad sleep, eating disorders, excessive dieting, and other bad habits, the blood circulation is suppressed, affecting the development of the chest. There is also genetic quality, nutritional conditions, climate, and other reasons.
So today we need to introduce you to a breast vacuum cupping machine.--MS-2175
This breast vacuum cupping machine can be operated in a wide range of parts, face, chest, buttocks, back, abdomen, legs, arms, face, cupping, sucking, private tightening, detoxification, weight loss, etc.


What is the breast vacuum cupping machine?

Cupping is an ancient alternative therapy where the therapist puts a special cup on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People use it for a variety of purposes, including helping to relieve pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and health, and as a deep tissue massage.
Vacuum cupping therapy machine replaces all the items in traditional beauty salons, from head to toe, facial lift, eye bags, dark circles, shoulder and neck imperfections, breasts, small enlargement, 3 to 5 cm fibroids, lobular hyperplasia, sagging, etc., slimming weight loss, hips, treatment of constipation, stomach cold, palace cold, private, slimming, and also magical effect, it replaces the artificial service, it is made by traditional scraping, pressing, cupping, Massage, walking acupuncture points, through the meridian to the instrument, safe, effective, simple and convenient, no injection, no medicine, no surgery, no side effects, full-time external use, and immediate results. The negative pressure health instrument can actively perform dynamic vacuum suction and release on the breast, and effectively deepen the breast to press the muscle movement, deep dredge, and improve the obstruction phenomenon.

How does the vacuum cupping work?

Vacuum Cupping machine uses the vacuum negative pressure on the human body. It is attracted by the special tool in the breast through the negative pressure inside the instrument. The negative pressure of the rhythm is generated in the breast so that the breast body is relatively lifted, and the effect of increasing the breast is achieved. The negative pressure inside the cup can make the local capillaries congestion, stimulate the organs, enhance the cell vitality, promote the functional activities, and improve the body's resistance; the mechanical stimulation of negative pressure, transmitted to the central nervous system through the reflex pathway, can regulate the nerve activity tends to balance. During the operation, the inspiratory deflation, the increase of negative pressure and the disappearance of the negative pressure make the local pores continue to open and close, promote skin respiration, increase the oxygen absorption, and speed up the waste elimination. It has the functions of warming meridians and collaterals, promoting Qi and activating blood circulation, opening phlegm and relieving phlegm, dispersing phlegm and swelling, eliminating poison and exorcism. Combined with deep massage to smooth blood, clear breast acinus, invisible gas to drive tangible blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the breast, and stimulate the pituitary gland to secrete female hormones, strengthen breast connective tissue, stimulate breast growth.


Does the vacuum cupping therapy only work on the breast?

No. The vacuum cupping therapy also helps body lymphatic drainage.

What is lymphatic?
The lymphatic system is a circulatory system and the immune system. It is also the body's defense station and recycling garbage station. It prevents external bacterial infection and recovers garbage and toxins from the body. Lymph is also the body's largest detoxification system.
Corresponding to the scavenger in the human body, it is the main medium for collecting toxins from various organs of the human body. If the lymphatic system slows down, it will cause toxins to accumulate in the body, and people will easily become edema and gain weight. The principle of weight loss of lymphatic drainage massage is mainly through the massage and stimulation of lymph glands, dredging the lymphatic circulation system, promoting the excretion of toxins in the body, accelerating fat burning, and achieving the purpose of losing weight. Lymphatic detoxification also has a very important role in allowing our blood vessels to be well cleaned, lymphatic drainage, lymphatic vessels, and veins. When the blood volume is too much, the lymphatic vessels can act as a fluid to reduce the burden on the blood vessels. effect.
As the age of the human lymphatic system increases, the speed of circulation may decrease, and the effect of detoxification will also decrease. The appropriate massage can effectively accelerate the circulation rate of the lymphatic system so that the toxin can be excreted as soon as possible.

What Is the function of MS-2175 breast vacuum cupping machine?

1.Breast enlargement, breast enhancement, hip lifting (to solve the problem of a flat chest, left and right asymmetry, loose hips, sagging, etc.)
2.Promote blood circulation in the body, eliminate toxins from the body, relieve fatigue, effectively improve dizziness, fatigue, help regulate physical and mental fatigue, accelerate metabolism and waste excretion, reduce toxicity and damage to skin and internal organs
3. Accelerate the process of natural detoxification and help the body remove waste through the lymphatic system
4. Adjustment of endocrine, breast lobular hyperplasia have significant effects
5. Improves the body's metabolism and promotes the function of the immune system.
6. Delay menopause, delay aging
7.Rich buttocks

What contraindications you should pay attention to doing vacuum cupping therapy?

1. Three high populations and heart disease patients,
2. Pregnancy period, lactation period
3. The surgical wound is healing or recovery period
4. Patients with epilepsy and severe diabetes and hyperthyroidism
5. Patients with malignant tumors and patients with hemophilia or severe bleeding
6. Patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases.
7. Patients with severe gynecological diseases
8. The population during the treatment of gynecological diseases
9. Have lymphatic cancer patients or signs of cancer
10. People who are too weak.
11. Drunk, full, fasting, thirsty, overworked.

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