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What Is a Woods Lamp?

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Woods lamp analyzer magnifying lamp examination is uses UV light to diagnose skin conditions. Ultraviolet Woods Lamp is designed for exposing conditions that are not visible to the naked eye. Woods lamp can find skin problem, such as bacterial and fungal infections, porphyria, Skin with no problem will not shine under the woods lamp. Usually user will know if there are any skin issues immediately, however, the patient often does not get the chance to see what the color appeared.



1.After cleansing skin, cover client's eyes with cotton.
2.Secure cover shade to wood lamp.
3.Completely cover client's face with cover shade. The wood lamp should be parallel to client’s face with distance of 15-20cm.
4.Identify different skin characteristics by appearances of different colors under the ultraviolet ray.


Color Specifications

Light blue: normal healy skin
Brown fluorescent: pigmentation and dark spots
Orange points: oily skin
Purple and dark purple: soft skin, dehydrated skin, skin lacks of moisture
White fluorescent: thick layer of skin and dead cells
Light yellow: oily acne skin

Does the Wood lamp cause any harm?

Woods lamp emit a black light, but it is harmless, so you do not need to worry about that. It emit a short -wavelength ultraviolet radiation, arrange is 290-320nm, which will not cause sunburn or do any damage to health skin.
It is possible that a patient with extreme photosensitivity might develop a rash on skin exposed to black light. However, Woods lamp examination is usually very brief and unlikely to cause problems even in very photosensitive patients.
It is important to ask the patient to close their eyes when examining the skin.

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