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What Benefits We Can Get From Radio Frequency Facial Machine

  • Author: Erin LiuDate:11-18-2021

What Is Radio Frequency Facial Machine?

Radio frequency treatment is a non-surgical technology of “reshaping” the body and the face. It uses a magnetic power RF firming device to achieve wrinkle removal, which produces the special Radio frequency waves at the depth skin layer. The RF waves act on the water molecules in the collagen, then rotate and generate heat. The photon light passes through the skin epidermis, directly acts on the dermis layer, The dermal collagen fiber shrinks after heating, so that the loose skin and wrinkles are tightened, and at the same time, the collagen is proliferated, rearranged, and the aging damaged collagen layer is repaired, then get the effect of wrinkle removal and firming.


What Are The Benefits Of Radio Frequency Skin Tightening?

The radio frequency is non invasive and painless, it heats the dermis tissue layer and used the body’s repair function to stimulate tissue regeneration and rebuild, then the dermis layer is getting thicker, and the RF will promote the collagen regrow, which help to rearranged the collagen, good for the wrinkles removal. RF result is long-lasting, you can do RF treatment to keep young after getting the target result. Mainly benefits of RF are as below:

A. No need long recovery time, after the treatment, would not influence the normal life or job.
B. Long-lasting result, the radio frequency stimulate the skin cells, and promote the collagen, people can see the result after few treatment and can lasting for long time.
C. Comfortable treatment procedure, the radio frequency warm up but without too hot to burn skin, feel good with the RF temperature.
D. Safe treatment, now, most of RF are smart RF, RF energy will generates heat deep under the skin, promoting metabolism, and improve blood circulation, the head surface do not get too hot.

What Is The Side Effect Of Radio Frequency Treatment?

Radio frequency treatment is effective for skin lifting and skin tightening of tissue without surgical or downtime, if operate properly, the recovery is very fast and simply. As usual, the side effect after treatment will be skin redness, mild swelling and tingling, but these are temporary and will disappear after 2-3 hours.

What Should I Do For RF Skin Tightening?

Before the treatment, we should clean the facial, removal make up, then massage the skin for 2 minutes to relax face skin. Apply the radio frequency gel on the target treatment area, then put the RF head on the treatment area, do circle follow the skin texture for 10-15 minutes, then you can apply the moisturize mask.

How Much Will Cost Me To Buy A Radio Frequency Machine?

For the hand-held mini radio frequency beauty device, the price range is from us$15 to us$45. medium size machine for homeuse will be us$85-us$200. if you want to operate for professional use, then there will be better for the multifunctional cavitation vacuum RF skin tightening machine, price for us$500-1700.

What Are The Radio Frequency Facial Treatment Reviews?

It’s a worthwhile investment, i received mine a few weeks ago and I am already seeing freat results! --- Bob

It is very easy to handle and the results of the patients is excellent. ---Pringle

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