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What Are The Galvanic Machine Benefits?

  • Author: Erin LiuDate:06-12-2019

What Is Galvanic Spa Facial?

Galvanic massage uses the medium electric current to simulate skin cells, penetrate the skin cream or other nutrients into the skin layer after soften the skin. This is good for improving the hydration and blood circulation of the face, make the facial be more radiant. This kind of ION rejuvenation can do for 2 functions, it comes with negative ion and positive ion, for facial deep cleansing and nutrient input.

What Are The Galvanic Machine Benefits?

A. Positive ion for facial deep cleansing
Some dirt will left inside of the pores, if we use the normal cleaner products, can not get rid of them, dirt in the skin is negative, so when we use the positive ion, the magnetic heads generates powerful positive ion, which can bring out the dirt from pores, this is the most important step for skin care, powerful positive ion can soften the dirt which inside pores, and make the pores free of blockage.


B. Negative ion for facial nutrients input
With this therapy, the negative ion can bind with skin cells which is positive, it can induce the nutrients into skin layer, this can help to make whitening factors and nutrients enter skin, then reach the deeper layers of the skin, making the skin brighten, whitening and vivid.


1. Skin detoxifies
Electric current can improve the lymph drainage, and stimulate the skin, this can help to improve the face metabolism, make the face looks more health and brightener.
2. Acne treatment
If you do not clean the facial well, then the pores will blocked by the dirty things, then facial will occur acne, the positive Ion can removal the dirt from deep pores, this can reduce and prevent the acne therapy.
3. Wrinkles removal
After cleansing the facial, the negative can input the facial cream or nutrients to skin layer, to improve the collagen and absorption, which help to removal the fine lines, wrinkles around the eyes.
4. Shrink pores
Dust in the air, oil secreted by sebum, and residual cosmetics may cause hair follicles or pores to clog, and will cause large pores if use the improper cleansing products. Ion rejuvenation can deeply clean pores, and then introduce shrink pores products into Skin layer, which can making pores smaller and smaller

How Much The Galvanic Skin Care Device Will Cost You?

The homeuse Galvanic machine will not cost you much, the price range is us$20~us$40, but if you wanna the machine come with multifunctions, with microdermabrasion skin care, high frequency acne treatment or photon rejuvenation, then the price will be varies according the functions you choose.

How Long Does The Galvanic Treatment Last?

Do the positive ion for facial cleansing for 2 -3 minutes every day, and the negative ion nutrients input function for 5-10 minutes for 2-3 times every week, after 1 month, you will see the result of lifting up, firming and smooth

What Is The Side Effect Of the Galvanic Facial Machine?

Galvanic machine is non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for skin care, complete is painless and safe, although the skin will get red, blisters and swelling, but these will disappear after 1-2 hours. After skin calm down, you can apply the moisturize mask for skin care.

What Is The Galvanic Machine Reviews?

I have used my galvanic for 4 years and it definitely lifts my "jowels" below my cheeks, around my mouth. Also my pores are basically invisible and it looks like I always have facials.Love this very much! - Jennifer

The machine is working good, i love the result, my skin feels soft. - Karen

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