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How To Buy Weight Loss Beauty Machine For Home Use From China?

  • Author: VincyDate:11-17-2021

As a international buyer, if you’d like to buy weight loss machine from China, whatever for home use or for business use, maybe you will think these questions: where to buy, how to buy, what can be chosen, what to pay attention to when buying. Just follow my steps and you will have a clear understanding of how to buy weight loss for home use from China.


The Ways To Buy Weight Loss Beauty Machines From China

If you want to buy weight loss beauty machines from China, there are many options for reference. Of course, you must choose a suitable way to buy according to your actual situation.

1. Buying from Chinese Company Online Store

Here is one Chinese company online store you can see MYCHWAY ONLINE SHOP


Pros and Cons

- Directional purchase and numerous categories
Typically, Many large-scale beauty equipment trading companies have their online store with own brand, which can provide customers with a variety of directional products. You can find out the beauty products what you want easily via their categories at the homepage.

- Offer lower MOQs than factory
If you buy from the factory, they will always give you very high MOQs due to the high operating cost of the factory, and it will increase your purchase cost and take on some risks. But never worry about this problem buying from beauty equipment trading company online store.

- Professional customer service and quick response
When you find out two similar beauty products for weight loss, want to know the difference between them, you can ask them via LiveChat. In general, they will always give you a professional response quickly.

- Can not compare price with other company
Maybe you’re used to comparing price from the different company when you want to pick up some beauty machines on the wholesale shopping site. However, you can get the price for beauty machine from a certain company online store, but cannot compare price with similar product from other company.

2. Visit Trade Fair in China

There are often large trade fairs held in some main city of China, such as Canton Fairs, Hong Kong Fairs, Yiwu Fairs, etc. Through these trade fairs, you can communicate face-to-face with different suppliers and discover new beauty machines.


Pros and Cons

- Get a great quality product
You can not judge if it has a good quality via the picture when you buy an ultrasound cavitation machine on shop online. However, if you visit these trade fairs in China, you’re able to communicate with the supplier and select them in the field to get a high-quality product.

- Discover the latest product
Generally, many suppliers will show their latest product on the trade fair because of the precise customer and large flow of people. Maybe you’re tired of homogeneous beauty machines on the market and would like to discover something new, to visit a trade fair in China, it is a good choice for you.

- You have to go to China
Even though you can find out the latest and high-quality product on the trade fairs, different from online shopping anywhere, anytime, you have to plan your schedule in advance, and stay one week in China at least. It’s actually not convenient for many buyers in other countries.

3. Buying from B2B or B2C E-commerce Platform

When it comes to B2B or B2C, maybe you will feel confused. But you won’t feel stranger about Amazon, eBay or Alibaba, etc. E-commerce platform. The main B2C platform for retail includes Amazon,eBay, and Aliexpress, and the main B2B platform for wholesale and dropship contains Alibaba, dhgate.com and so on. If you have bulk demands for ultrasound cavitation weight loss machine, Alibaba.com is a good choice, and you will find many suppliers that wholesale beauty machine.


Pros and Cons

- Big offer and coupon
To get more order from some buyer, some special offer events usually performed on these shopping platforms, if you’re going to pick up a cavitation machine for weight loss on shopping platform, get a discount price by the big offer event, combined with coupon deduction, will get a very cheap price.

- Reduce Travel Time and Cost
When buying a weight loss for home use, you can visit the shopping platform like Aliexpress anytime, anywhere, and don’t have to travel to China and plan the schedule in advance. It saves your time and cost.

- Provide Comparison Shopping
The largest advantage of the E-commerce platform is that you can compare price from different merchants. Then, find the good products with the best prices.

- There may be a fraud
There are plenty of different quality merchants mixed on the shopping platform, of course, it also exists a few frauds merchant. Therefore, please pay attention to fraud these merchants, don't be tempted by low prices.

Best 5 Weight Loss Machines For Home Use

Obviously, you have known the ways to buy weight loss from China. So many machines in the market, what exactly should I choose? Due to unhealthy diet and irregular exercise, many people become very fat, but they don’t want to afford more cost, so a weight loss machine for home use to be their first choice. Next, I will recommend the best 5 weight loss machine for home use to you.

40K Ultrasonic Cavitation Beauty Machine for Weight Loss Body Slimming


The ultrasonic cavitation machinewith the strong unoisetion sound wave of 40KHz can explode the fat cells to achieve the effects of body slimming and weight loss. There is one 40KHz cavitation probe to be used for your belly, thigh, etc.body part.

- it is small size ,easy to carry.
- it is a non-surgical and non-invasive beauty machine.
- it is safe and comfortable during the treatment process
- Easy to operate and short operation time, quick results.
- The latest ultrasonic technology, 40KHz Cavitation 2.0

Recommended Rate 4.9/5

Fat Removal Beauty Machine EMS Slimming Massager for Arm Leg Stomach Weight Loss


This is a high-frequency vibration beauty device, through the speed of 1,000,000 times/s vibration can speed up metabolism, promote body weight loss. It can be used for arm, leg, and stomach.

- it is portable device, and can be used at home。
- it is multi-functional beauty machine, including EMS,LED light, Ion import and export functions.
- Easy to operate, but it is not rechargeable.

Recommended Rate 4.8/5.0

4in1 Body Shaping Machine RF Weight Loss Massager for Stomach


The body shaping machine for home use includes high-frequency vibration, radio frequency, energy light, etc technology, which can shape your legs, abdomen, and arm to achieve a perfect body.

- It is a rechargeable beauty device for home use and long standby time.
- Except for weight loss, it is also good for improving metabolism and boost blood and circulation.
- It has a good design and easy to operate.

Recommended Rate 4.8/5

Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Ultrasound Weight Loss Beauty Machine For Home Use


The Unoisetion Cavitation 2.0 Machinefor home use uses a 40KHz focused ultrasound cavitation effect to break up the fat cells instantly to get the effect of weight loss.

- It is convenient to take and has simple operation display.
- This machine tighten the loose skin.
- Enhance the speed of the body metabolism, speed up discharging of waste.
- Achieve partial or the whole body weight slimming

Recommended Rate 4.9/5

Home Use Lipolysis Fat Freezing Body Slim Slimming Weight Loss Machine


This is a Mini freeze sculptor slimming machine for home use, which uses extreme low temperatures to Freeze, destroy the fat cells, to shape your body. It can be used for your belly and thigh.

- It has reasonable human design.
- It is non-invasive during the treatment.
- It takes two to four months to see the effect.
- It is a little expensive.

Recommended Rate 4.7/5

The FAQs About Buy Home Use Weight Loss Machine From China

1. Where I can find home use weight loss machine from China?
In this post, I have introduced three ways to get your home use weight loss machine from China. Firstly, you can buy from Chinese company online store if you know their brand name. Secondly, you travel to China and visit main their trade fairs, which let you pick up what you want exactly. Finally, if you just want to be at home and select your weight loss machine, just buying from a B2B or B2C E-commerce platform, like eBay or Alibaba.

2. Do I need an import license to buy weight loss machine from China?
When you decide to buy a beauty machine from China, Mostly, you will not need a license to import into your country, except for very few countries, like Peru. However, for certain goods being imported, maybe you need to provide the permit or other certification.

3. Will I have to pay customs charges to buy weight loss machine from China?
Yes. In general, the price the supplier quote does not include customs charges. Therefore, you have to make sure if you can handle customs clearance in your country, and pay the customs charges.

4. Where I can find home use weight loss machine from China?
In this post, I have introduced three ways to get your home use weight loss machine from China. Firstly, you can buy from Chinese company online store if you know their brand name. Secondly, you travel to China and visit main their trade fairs, which let you pick up what you want exactly. Finally, if you just want to be at home and select your weight loss machine, just buying from a B2B or B2C E-commerce platform, like eBay or Alibaba.

5. How long does it take to arrive in my country after buying from China? How can I know my goods status?
Typically, for most countries, it takes 5-7 working days by air freight to arrive, and it takes 15-30 working days by ocean freight to arrive. After you buy a home use weight loss machine from China, you will get a tracking number to know the shipment status of your goods any time.

Some Suggestions To Buy Weight loss Machine For Home Use From China

1. Choose experienced companies to cooperate
As an international buyer, if you’re looking for weight loss machine for home use and has bulk demands for it. You need to choose experienced companies to work with. An experienced company provide you professional answer and arrange your goods quickly and correctly. They will never waste your time.

2. Make sure you can complete customs clearance
It is very important to make sure if you can complete customs clearance in your country, before buying a weight loss machine from China. In general, the trading company cannot handle your clearance problem of your country, so as to avoid delay of goods and make it through the customs well, you have to finish the clearance process correctly and promptly.

3. Secure your payment safe
When you make a deal with Chinese suppliers, before payment, please make sure they provide a guarantee under Chinese law and are commonly used. Don’t transfer your money to stranger account uncertified randomly to secure your payment safe.

4. Follow up the status of your goods
When you buy many weight loss machines for home use from China, whatever from the website or from the supplier directly, if they’re trustful and reliable sellers, you will definitely get the tracking number for your goods to track the shipment status. To deal with some unexpected conditions timely, please kindly follow up the status of goods.

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