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Washing your face properly makes your skin tender, clean and delicate

  • Author: Sophia ChenDate:08-22-2019

Washing your face is something we all do every day. Many people also know that washing your face is the first step for skin care. But if you really do your first step in the right way? If we do not clean our face correctly. It can lead to dark skin, oily face, common blackheads, acne, pore bulky, epifolliculitis, microbial overgrowth. However, cleaning well is not the same as cleaning hard. Washing face correctly is a requisite skill to learn. Do you want to learn?

Step1 Choose a cleanser that suits your skin

Oily skin should be applied with much bubble cleaner. Much bubble cleaner is stronger and is good for oily skin. But you should care about the moisturizing after washing your face to protect the skin. Otherwise, the oil on the skin was washed away completely, you will feel tight again. Then the skin secretes a few sebum again quickly, and the effect of cleaning cannot last long.
For neutral skin, soft soap or fat-free cleanser should be selected which contains alkali less than 0.2%.
For dry skin and sensitive skin, the cleanser that contains high-fat quantity. The cleanser is low bubble normally, or even without bubble is the best.

Step2 use cleanser after removing make up

Before washing our face we must remove the makeup first because the cleanser cannot wash our face clean enough. Removing makeup before applying cleanser so very important to those who make up every day. Cleanser milk can only wash sweat and cutin on the surface of our skin, but cannot deep-seated to wash the oily thing bring by makeup.

Step3 Clean your face from the bottom up

When we clean our face, we should rub and wash it gently from the bottom up. Because our facial keratinocytes are from the top down, like fish scales.



1.T place on our face is the place that gives oil most easily, and pore is easy to clog. We should wash a few more times accordingly.
2. The bun and temples are the easiest places to leave hair products, so we should take extra care to wash them clearly.
3. The skin of the eyes is very fragile, so we should leave it for the last step to clean to prevent the stimulation of cleansers.
4. We should clean our face with cleanser bubble for about 1 minute. The best method to wash our face is cleaning the T area first then clean our cheek.
5. we should wash our face with sponges, not with the towel.

There are a few tips to care for washing our face correctly

We should use warm water to wash our face. The temperature should be at about 30 degrees or so

The warm water can take away dirt and residue and so on of our face. Although the water of overheat can help bate cutin, it can also injure the cuticle layer. If the grease is cleaned excessively, it will accelerate the rate of skin aging. And too cold water can irritate the skin, make skin pore closed so that we cannot wash the skin well.

Wash your face twice a day

Excessive cleaning may damage the natural protective film formed on the surface of the skin, and stimulate the skin to gives out more oil, and easier to lead to damage to the skin barrier function, sensitive and fragile. A lot of sensitive skin is caused by excessive cleanness. You should wash it twice a day. Do it in the morning and in the evening before sleeping. Washing face can purify the grime on the face that comes down a day, and wash a face in the morning can purify the grease that accumulates on the face at night. But the person with dry skin should use clear water to wash their face in the morning enough.

It is important to wash your hands before washing your face

Before washing your face, use hand sanitizer or soap to gently massage the palms and back of your hands, then rinse them with running water. After washing your hands you can begin to wash your face. The bubble that makes with the hand is clean will have a very good effect of facial decontamination.

In general, we should wash our face with the adaptive cleanser in the correct way for the right time. How do you wash your face? Did you do it in the right way? If you have a better suggestion, please join us to discuss with it.

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