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Wanna Have A Slim Figure? You Need This EMS Machine

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When it comes to losing weight, people usually think of diet and exercise. Weight loss through exercise takes time and effort, and few people can stick to it. Thus, in order to "weight loss" and "getting slim", many people go on a diet to weight loss. However, Dieting is easy to cause loss of nutrients in the body, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction, lack of nutrition, resulting in decreased function of multiple systemic organs of the body. In severe cases, the body's immunity will decline, and some diseases will occur.
Since weight loss through exercise is hard to insist, and go on a diet to weight loss again harmful health and easy rebound, what method still can achieve weight loss then. Of course, our new products MS-JS2000B which is an ems slimming machine for weight loss easily and effectively.

Model: MS-JS2000B


EMS slimming machine can achieve the goal of weight loss quickly by burning much more calories in a shorter workout session compared to any other conventional workout methods. The key to being able to burn much more calories is by activating or working out as many muscle groups as possible.

What Is EMS?

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), also known as neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) or electromyostimulation, is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. The impulses are generated by a device and are delivered through electrodes on the skin near to the muscles being stimulated. The electrodes are generally pads that adhere to the skin. The impulses mimic the action potential that comes from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract.
EMS slimming machine is the full body training with electrical stimulation. In this method, the muscles are stimulated so that the workout is much more efficient. So it is considered as one of the most effective passive exercises. EMS causes Strengthening of muscles, toning and firming results in a super-effective workout in a short time span of time, thus effectively creating the overall weight loss of the body.

How Does Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine Work?

The brain naturally uses electrical messages to tell muscles to work. For example, for the leg to be moved, the brain would send electrical messages to the leg, telling the muscles to contract, making the legs move. This contraction happens quickly and the muscles would then relax again. Electrical muscle stimulation machine (EMS) simulates these contractions by sending electrical pulses (simulating the electrical messages), thus getting these muscles to work.

Why EMS Equipment Can Help To Weight Loss?

The idea behind weight loss is that when you exercise and burn calories, during exercise, our muscles get a lot of wear and tear, and it takes our body 48 hours to recover and get strong. Exercise next time.
The Electrical muscle stimulation machine follows the same muscle training principles. Training eight major muscle groups -- the legs, butt, waist, upper back, middle back, chest, abdomen, and arms -- burns more calories. Normal exercise takes 48 hours to recover, but in EMS training, it takes 4 to 5 days for your body to recover. So for four to five days, your body is still burning calories to restore muscle.
If EMS equipment is performed regularly, it helps to reduce excess fat in the body and increase muscle mass, thus increasing the body's metabolism.EMS slimming machine also stimulates all high-intensity muscle groups. This strengthens the core muscles and thus helps to build the weight through proper body adjustments, so we achieve weight loss eventually and get a properly sculpted, shaped body.

How EMS Equipment Burns Much More Calories?

EMS equipment burns much higher calories as it works out much more muscles compared to a conventional workout. In a conventional workout, only 30% of the muscles are being activated each time, however, with EMS slimming machine, between 70%-80% of the muscle groups, are activated simultaneously.

Why Is Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine So Effective?

When using EMS equipment, 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously with EACH contraction and the muscle contractions are stronger and more intense than a voluntary exertion can do alone. Compared to conventional weight loss, deeper muscle groups are activated which leads to better intra and intermuscular coordination. Based on these scientifically proven facts you achieve highly effective results in a short period of time.

Which Body Parts Can We Use The Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine?

EMS equipment is suitable for the most part of the body, such as the shoulder, arm, backs, chest, butt, waist, leg.

What Is The Function Of Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine?

1.Weight loss
2.Body Shape
3.Breasts shape
4. Promote blood circulation and lymph circulation
5.Body relax and muscle exercise

While the targeted muscle works, the local congestion is stimulated intensively. The increased blood flow has a positive effect on the skin, EMS slimming machine enhances circulation through all connective tissue which helps improve skin tone; the removal of metabolic byproducts and toxins in the lymph glands. It also helps stimulate internal organs and peristalsis. the body is toned and cellulite can be reduced effectively. After the training, you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. EMS equipment also improves the physical performance: you feel more flexible, have better circulation, and you'll tire less quickly. in comparison to conventional training, the EMS equipment offers the advantages of an intense training session in much less time.

Is EMS Slimming Machine Safe?

Yes, it is safe. EMS slimming machine has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective by reputable sports institutions.EMS equipment is not painful. The sensation of electrical current stimulating your muscles is unusual but something most people get used to very quickly.
Electrical Muscle Stimulation machine (EMS) is relatively safe for any individual who has the capability to do normal exercise. In some individuals, certain risks are there with the use of EMS equipment such as irritation of the skin beneath the adhesive pads and temporary pain from the electrical charge. If the pads are placed over the heart or over pacemaker leads, it may lead to cardiac arrhythmia. If placed over the throat, it could cause low blood pressure. When placed over a pregnant uterus, it may cause damage to the fetus. Due to these risks, the electrical stimulation should be avoided over these regions

Does the EMS Have Any Side Effects?

No, according to official studies, there are absolutely no negative side effects for sport-healthy humans. EMS treatments have been a recognized part of classical techniques in physiotherapy since the 1950s.


How Much Time Can I Save With Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine?

A lot! Time is valuable, and making a commitment to change will take up some of that time. When you can get all of the burn and benefits from a 2-hour gym workout in 20 minutes, EMS slimming machine makes sense. It combines the aspect of time- saving with fun and sporting balance without any compromises. One 20-minute training session a week is enough to impact your training and see results!

Why Only Need 20 Minutes?

This is because using an EMS equipment for 20 minutes causes 38,250 muscles to contract, including deep stabilizing muscles! Equivalent to a regular gym workout. Over training your muscles after 20 minutes will tire them completely.

How To Use This Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine?


EMS Slimming Machine Attention

1. Do not place pads on injured skin or infected muscles.
2. Do not place pads on the nearest surgical scar (within 10 months).
3. Do not place pads on your stomach for an hour after eating.
4. Do not use this device on patients with heart disease.
5. Do not use this product for patients with serious diseases such as stomach, liver, internal organs and bladder stones.
6. Do not use this device on people with epilepsy or alcoholics.
7. Pregnant women should not use this device.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine FAQ

1. Can EMS electric current harm my heart?
A: No. The low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles. Organs and the heart are not reached.

2. Who will need this machine?
A: Athletes
White collar workers

3. Can EMS electric current harm my heart?
A: No.The low-frequency impulse exclusively activates the striated skeletal muscles. Organs and the
heart are not reached.

4. Different electrodes are used for different body parts?
A: 10 pair electronic for the body, arm, thigh, stomach, leg, back.
1 pair pink electronic for breast massage, enhancer.

5. Can I wear jewelry on my body?
A: NO. Please remove all metal objects from your body before treatment to avoid unpredictable
conditions that may affect the curative effect.

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