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Vacuum Therapy Breast Enlargement Lymph Detox Breast Lifting Beauty Equipment

  • Author: Ben QiuDate:06-14-2019

Vacuum Breast Enlargement Beauty Machine

Hello everyone, I believe that many female friends now have a very good dream, that is, have a devil figure that makes you feel proud. So there are many friends who have economic conditions who will try their best to make themselves more perfect. Use a variety of makeup products, plastic surgery. The main point is that in order to have a charming chest, choose breast enhancement surgery, for the sake of beauty, would rather risk . The problem is that the breast enhancement surgery maybe failure. Then many people will ask, is there any way to replace this method to achieve breast enhancement? Today I will introduce you to a product.

Working Principle

This device is based on the principles of physiology and physical suction to enlarge breast augmentation and Promotes lymphatic detoxification. Its action basically is by the Vacuum adsorption pressure to exercise muscle organization (breast muscle grows, the activation of nerve organization), stimulates the nerve cells to secrete the hormone, promote the flexibility of muscle organization and fiber function thereby, natural and effective breast enhancement. After many years of clinical proof is harmless to the human body, but has a very effective breast enhancement effect.

What is the use of this device ?

1. The vacuum pump can accumulate fat particles and liquids in the breast tissue and cells by the adsorption pressure so that the breasts continue to develop and the breast tissue becomes larger.
2. Eliminate toxins in the body, purify the lymphatic system, improve skin pores, reshape skin, improve microcirculation, promote collagen regeneration, enhance sagging muscles, anti-wrinkle, activate the skin, rub dry eyes, double jaws, eliminate wrinkles, telangiectasia, treatment Sub-health.
3. Stimulate the nerve endings to stimulate the pituitary secretion of hormones, enhance muscle tissue elasticity and fiber, restore breast elasticity and softness, enhance and develop breasts, improve breast shape, leave improved nipples, and stabilizing treatment.
4. Accelerate fatty acid conversion, safely and effectively remove excess fat, lose weight, eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, improve leg shape, firm skin, apply to scrub, acupoint percussion, lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatment, improve hips, achieve perfect body profile.

How to use it?

Breast cups:For breast lifting, styling, detoxification
Cupping cups:For hip lifting, back lymphatic drainage
Scrub cups:Used for facial fat removal and pore cleansing to enhance the firmness of facial skin
Fingertips:For body massage detoxification, lymphatic drainage, cellulite treatment


The optimal treatment cycle based on years of clinical trials:

1-3 months for one treatment, one time for one day, 20-30 min for one time(15 min for the first time, then add the time according to the customers' standing ability.
2.Care the breast
The first stage: Once every two days, 20 min for one time, 8-days.
The second stage: Once every four days, 20-25 min for one time, 8-10 days.
Once for every week after the first and second stages, can keep the result for long time, and prevent some disease.

Are there side effects?

Because it uses the principles of physiology and physics to achieve breast enhancement, and it is a non-traumatic breast enhancement, there will be no side effects. Occasionally, some people will have redness and bruise after they finish, but they are normal. This is to be based on each person's own conditions. But these phenomena will soon disappear and will not affect the body.

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