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Does Vacuum RF Slimming Machine Tighten Skin?

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Before my topic, let watch a video to understand how does vacuum radio frequency body slimming body shaping weight loss beauty machine work?

With the increasing demand of body slimming beauty, more and more beauty techniques have been familiar among us in our daily life. To get better effects on body slimming, body shaping, body contouring and weight loss, radio frequency body slimming beauty machine and vacuum suction body building machine maybe two common kinds of beauty products we get in touch with.
But what are the principles of them?

How Does Radio Frequency Beauty Machine Work?

Radio Frequency device is the principle that the collagen fibers in dermis will shrink immediately at the specific temperature. Radio waves which are sent by radio frequency device, enter into the tissue, thereby generate heat from the movement. It affects on skin lifting and collagen regeneration promoting. At the time of an immediate contraction of the collagen, RF equipment also stimulates more regeneration of new collagen fibers of the dermis. Thus building the skin support again, increasing skin elasticity, removing wrinkles, as well as improving sagging skin.


How Does Vacuum Body Beauty Machine Work?

As an effective technique of beauty, vacuum have also been applied universally. It affects on the skin, through strong suction.
By changing the difference of the internal and external pressure of the body, vacuum beauty machine promotes the exchange of substances between the internal and external. The material exchange barriers caused by different factors also can be improved.
Vacuum body beauty device stimulates the lymphatic system, helps remove waste, so that drains lymph from body. As a result, detoxification and blood circulation are promoted by vacuum treatment.


So, can we combine vacuum and radio frequency to achieve win-win effects?
The answer is positive.

What Is The Vacuum Radio Frequency?

Vacuum radio frequency is a combination of vacuum and radio frequency, of course it combines all advantages of vacuum and radio frequency. It is penetration of radio frequency energy in the treatment area and partial blood circulation, at the same time, it stimulates lymphatic system and do help for the shrinkage of the volume of fat cells. While strong suction is produced, great numbers of heats are generated by radio frequency. Compared with the single RF, vacuum RF can achieve better effects. It has been applied on body slimming popularly.

How Does The Vacuum Radio Frequency Slimming Machine works?

Vacuum helps RF energy enter into the skin deeperly. When it works, it can be helpful for alleviates swelling, and blood circulation promoting. The breaking of fat and stretch marks also can be available while the strong vacuum RF is working. What’s more, vacuum RF has an excellent effects on reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Under these effects, the skin is lifted, tightened, and toned, as well as sagging skin and scar tissue are eliminated while the skin regeneration can be gotten .
Radio frequency treatment helps the increasing of the metabolism of large groups of fatty, as a result, skin tightening can be forced. RF forces collagen fibers to contract by simultaneous heating of dermis and subcutaneous layer .
RF is used to produce a great number of heats by making cells in the body vibrate violently, so as to heat the collagen tissue and accelerate the death of fat cells. In addition to dissolving point fat, radio frequency also promotes the regeneration of collagen and skin tightening.
By the promoting of vacuum, the effects of RF get more effective. The skin is pulled and tightened, and an immediate effect can be created. The metaboliam of fibroblasts is increased, so that new collagen fibers are produced. Finally, a strong long-term effect can be achieved.


What Effects Can Vacuum Radio Frequency Body Slimming Weight Loss Beauty Machine Achieve?

From the above information, we have learned that radio frequency can improve sagging skin, in other words, radio frequency can tighten the skin. So does vacuum radio frequency slimming weight loss machine tighten skin?
Of course yes!
What’s more, vacuum radio frequency slimming machine can achieve a better tightening effect compared with the simple radio frequency beauty machine.
Vacuum radio frequency body slimming weight loss beauty machine can affect on the fat particles in different depth, what’s more, fatty particles under 3 cm of skin can be caught, then the heat makes the cell wall expand rapidly. After exceeding the limited elasticity, cell breaks. Not only the consumption of burning fatty cells can be caused by these processes, the size of the fat particles also can be reduced quickly.

As results, following effects can be achieved:
1. Body detoxifies, metabolism and blood circulation promoting.
2. Fat heating, fat cells dissolving, cellulite reduction.
3. Body slimming, body shaping.
4. Improving sagging skin, tightening skin, lifting skin.

TOP 3 Hot Sales Vacuum Radio Frequency Body Contouring Weight Loss Beauty Machine

1. 9 In 1 40K Cavitation RF Vacuum Suction Micro Current Beauty Machine


As a multifunctional vacuum radio frequency 40k cavitation RF body slimming machine, this weight loss machine contains 7 multiple facial & body beauty handles.
9 functions are combinated with one machine, 9 results can be acheived!
In addition to be equipped with strong vacuum and other effective body slimming body shaping, skin tightening skin rejuvenation handles, this machine have two specicial combinating handles. The hot&cold hammer and the microcurrent&photon handle, collecting various kind of magics for skin&body care!
While keeping a well body shaping, a good care of facial skin can be given up!

2. 6 In 1 Cavitation 2.0 3D RF Vacuum Machine Multipolar Cellulite Removal Spa


A combination of 3 multipolar radio frequency handles, 1 cavitation 40k handle and 1 strong vacuum RF handle, an enconomic choice for body&facial care!
40k and vacuum radio frequency provide you beat the fatty, acheive body slimming,body shaping, tightening and lifting the skin!
3 different sizes of multipolar RF handles is suitable for different areas of body&face!

3. S-SHAPE EMS Electroporation Vacuum Suction Body Face Care Machine Cavitation


The easiest combination to achieve more functions! More specialize, more effective!
Two vacuum radio frequency handles designed for body and face, meeting different demands of shaping.
For this machine, the facial vacuum RF handle can be helpful for facial shaping, skin tightening and lifting of your face!
One more thing, the 40k handle of this machine is combinated with the radio frequency. It can achieve a more effective slimming effects compared with the simply cavitation!

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