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Vacuum RF Slimming Machine VS Vacuum Slimming Machine

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Vacuum RF Slimming Machine VS Vacuum Slimming Machine


Everybody wants to get his or her body fit. Countless ways can help us achieve that goal. Let me show you some examples. You can set up your diet plans, you can do exercise to keep your body slimmed, or you can just go to a beauty salon and let the doctors or nurses to do their jobs with their various beauty machines or you can just buy those machines and help yourself.

Of course using the machine is quicker. But how to choose the right ones is important because if you choose the wrong ones you are just wasting your money and precious time. If you want to cut your weight and reshape a beautiful body, you can use a vacuum slimming machine. But right now, a machine with a vacuum handle is no longer the latest version any more. The latest vacuum slimming machine is involved with RF technology. So what is the difference between the machine with RF and the one without RF. That is what we are going to discuss today.


Vacuum Slimming Therapy

The theory of vacuum slimming theory

Since this article is to compare two different machines and help you guys to get a deeper understanding of each of this machine, let me introduce them to you one by one. First, I will introduce vacuum slimming therapy, which is what vacuum slimming machine can do.

The theory of this therapy is using the thermal effect of the current to heat a part of your body, makes it sweat and then the fat will be decomposed and brought out of the body.
A vacuum therapy is usually carried out with suction cups, which are connected to a vacuum slimming machine, the parts of your body that are encircled by the cups will feel suction when doing treatment, these parts of skin will be heated and sucked by the machine. And at the mean time these parts of skin will excrete sweat, and the fats will be burned off and brought out of your body.


The Advantage of Vacuum Therapy

After a small introduction, maybe you still not understand what this therapy is capable of, what is the advantages of this machine?
- It helps you lose weight
- It helps you stretch your skin , regain elasticity
- It helps you remove the toxin


First of all, it can help you lose weight. It creates a low atmopheric pressure inside the suction cup to increase your blood supply and circulation to cellulite and areas where fats are hoarded. Because the blood circulation increased, the blood can carry the fats from the cellulite and fats hoarding areas to the muscle where they will be burnt off. And because of blood supply is also increased, nutrition and oxygen are able to be carried to lower body more effectively.The nutrition and oxygen make the muscle active, and thus increases the efficiency of metabolism, cell activity and more efficient fat burning.

The low atmospheric pressure not only enhance the activity of fats burning. It also activates the lymphatic system, making metabolic wastes removed more efficiently, giving you a strong body, giving more space for oxygen, vitamins and enzymes transportation. And, because the atmospheric pressure enhances your muscles’ activities, your skin is stretched as well. Because your skin is stretched, its elasticity and flexibility will be restored to a certain extent. This helps your skin to reduce wrinkles , skin sagging and look younger again.

Vacuum RF Slimming Therapy


A Brief Introduction of RF Slimming Therapy

And here comes the Vacuum RF slimming therapy.
Before we start, let me tell you what RF is first. RF is the abbreviation of radio frequency. From the title, maybe you already know that this therapy is the the combination of radio frequency and vacuum slimming therapy.

According to its definition, radio frequency is a measurement representing the oscillation rate of electromagnetic radiation spectrum, or electromagnetic radio waves, from frequencies ranging from 300 GHz to as low as 9 kHz. With the use of antennas and transmitters, an RF field can be used for various types of wireless broadcasting and communications. So from the definition above we can learn that radio frequency has a wide range of applications. But do you know it can be applied in the field of beauty treatment? The radio frequency device sends out radio into skin tissues. By using the natural resistance, skin tissues are heated and when the temperature reaches 50 to 70 degrees Celsius, collagen fibers in dermis will shrink, and at the mean time the movement also stimulate the production of collagen fibers. Therefore the density and thickness of dermis will be increased, the number of wrinkles and relaxation of skin will be reduced.

The Theory of Vacuum RF Slimming Therapy

But that is only what the RF can achieve, what if it is combined with vacuum handle?
By using special vacuum suction head, muscles and skins are massaged and the mobility of human body fluids will be speeded up. With these active cells, the skin becomes tightened. Because it speeds up human body fluids, the circulation of blood is speeded as well. Hard worker can improve efficiency of a factory’s production. So does the blood, fast blood circulation helps you bring out toxin with better efficiency, reduce the odds of pigment stain appearance.

The vacuum part can suck up the skin can increase the activities of skin tissues and muscles, increase the elasticity of skin. Besides, it also improves the tensity of skin, vein and lymphatic system, strengthen your blood vessel. Also like we introduce in vacuum therapy, it helps reduce fats.

The Advantage of Vacuum RF Slimming Therapy

- Combine RF and vacuum technologies.
- Increase the activation of cells.
- Reducing fats more effectively.

The first advantage I believe it is very obvious. RF can make reduce wrinkles and improve the elasticity of your skin while the vacuum can help reduce the toxin and remove the fats of the body. When they are combined, not only your wrinkles become less but also your body shape goes back to the time when it is perfect.
Under the stimulation of vacuum RF, your cells will get more active, your blood circulation goes faster, and make your skin healthier than before. You can goodby to the morbid color of your skin , not forever, because you eventually but at least for a long time which can be decided by you if you continue to improve it.


Comparing with vacuum slimming machine, I must say that vacuum RF slimming machine has more functions than just vacuum slimming machine. Multiple functions in one machines not only increase the convenience, but also the efficiency of a treatment, shortening the time of treatment.
Not only the time but also the quality. After reducing fats, RF and vacuum can help reshape the elasticity of the skin, erase the stains, remove wrinkles, make your skin look healthier.
It can reduce the cost for a treatment. Imagine if you have to use RF then vacuum, how much time and money you have to spend, why don’t you use them at once?



After the above discussion, I think now we can come to an conclusion that, it is your choice to choose the way to make your body look healthier and more beautiful. You can achieve that by exercise, healthy diet, or traditional medicine, everyone knows what they really want, but if you don’t have any idea on how to reshape your body, why don’t you try using vacuum RF slimming machine? Mychway is the leading manufacturer of vacuum RF slimming machines and other beauty treatment devices, I am sure you can find your best choice here.

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