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Vacuum RF Slimming Machine VS Cavitation Machine

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How Does The Radio Frequency Vacuum Machine Works?

Before the introduction of RF Vacuum machine,let’s get some general ideas of RF and vacuum respectively

What Is RF?

The radio frequency treatment device emits radio waves to the subcutaneous tissue to generate thermal energy under the skin.The principle is that the true layer of collagen will shrink and regenerate immediately at 55-70 degrees Celsius,which will increase the thickness of the skin layer,fill wrinkles,and improve relaxation.


What Is Vacuum?

Energy generated by the instrument electrodes to stimulate the body's bio wave corresponding points,the use of different frequencies and pulse,in a variety of physical electronics synergistic interactions,the right to effectively stimulate the fat body,the body in motion,which again burn calories and fat to achieve body sculpting effect.

What Is RF Vacuum Machine?

Principle:Massage the skin and muscle through a special negative pressure airbag,which can effectively improve the fluidity of human cells,increase cell movement,achieve the function of activating cells,and improve skin elasticity.Excess nutrients are excreted through the normal ring of the lymphatic system,reducing and improving the formation of part of the body pigmentation.The kneading effect of vacuum negative pressure liposuction can increase the tissue activity of the muscle,increase the elasticity of the skin tissue,and at the same time complete the weight loss and shaping.In addition,vacuum negative pressure exercise can improve skin sensitivity,and the air pressure absorption process can not only improve the capillary system but also improve blood flow between deep veins and lymph nodes.


What’s The Principle Of Cavitation Machine?

Principle:Using a strong acoustic wave head with a strong sound wave to emit sound waves with a frequency of up to 40000HZ,.After entering the human body,the human fat cells can produce a strong impact and frictional movement between fat cells,which can effectively consume heat and consume cells.Moisture makes the fat cells shrink,and when the sound waves vibrate,which can cause strong cracking between cells,the cells instantaneously blast,and the fat cells are reduced,thereby achieving the effect of removing fat.


What’s The Common Advantages Of Caviation Machine And RF Vacuum Machine?

Both Radio Frequency+Vacuum,and Cavitation treatment are non-invasive or non-surgical which means they wouldn’t affect our normal life or work at all.
2.Significant Result:
20 minutes only taken for one cavitation treatment,coordinated with a healthy diet and little exercise,the significant difference will be seen.What’s more,if you do the Radio Frequency+Vacuum treatment at the same time,it will be more significant.

What About The Advantages The RF Vacuum Machine

1.’Difficult areas’ is also available,such as the face,arms,upper abdomen,calf,chin,etc.,The most obvious areas are face and chin.
2.Collagen regeneration can be promoted,and wrinkle will removal by
irradiating the dermis layer which is excellent.
3.Face and Neck Lifting&Remodeling,Tightening and lifting flaccid areas of the face,
4.Reduces wrinkles/Lift Sagging Skin,Enhances luminosity of the skin
5.Fat Reduction,Body remodeling,Cellulite operation and skin partial reconstruction Increase Collagen Level Tightening loose skin

What About The Advantages Cavitation Machine

1.Weight loss,body shape
2.People will not feel fearful about it at all.The machine only affects your deep fat cells,and only redness will you feel after the therapy.

Why Other Girls Scruple About RF Vacuum Machine,And Cavitation Machine?

The cavitaton machine will have a buzzing sound,which may cause a headache.
There is never a treatment or medicine is able to cure in one time,it needs times.And only coordinated with a healthy diet and little exercise,the significant difference will be seen more quickly.
During the treatment,fat cells are penetrated by cavitation frequency and enter the fatty acids which will make you feel thirst.Therefore,drink more water will speed the metabolism up which will make you feel much better.

Who Is Prohibited To Use RF Vacuum Machine And Caviation Machine?

Both Radio Frequency Vacuum,and Cavitation machine can not be used by the following groups:
1.Kids,Pregnant or breastfeeding women
2.Patient of herpes simplex
3.Patient of Autoimmune disease
4.Patient of Diabetes
5.Patient of Bell’s palsy and etc.

This two machine Rf and Vacuum,and Cavitation machine have a different function for a different use,you can choose one of them as per your need.
And here comes to the end of my technical comparison between RF vacuum machine and cavitation machine,if you have any advice or comment,please feel free to leave you message in comment.Thank you.

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