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Vacuum RF Radio Frequency Testimony

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I am a girl who has two fat arms, but actually, I am not fat. I am afraid of wearing sleeveless dresses in summer for many years. Even if I lose weight, but my fat arms would not go. I am disappointed.
Several months ago, my friends recommended me a salon, and I went to consult with the beautician about my fat arms. She told me that my arms problem is Lymphatic jams, so it is very difficult to lose the fat by doing exercises. Then she introduced me a technology -----vacuum RF radio frequency.
Vacuum RF can promote tissue metabolism and blood circulation, repel the cellulite, which can get granule in the 3 cm thick of skin, and rapid expansion and the rapid heating of the cell wall that exceed the elastic limits and arises cells broken. Use the vacuum RF handle to massage my arms, it can fast eliminate fat cells from the body.

I want to try once because I did not know if it works. Firstly they cleaned my arms, and rub some cream on the treatment area, then use the vacuum RF handle massage on my arms. During treatment, I feel my arms become hot but It is comfortable. A whole treatment took more than 40 minutes. My arms got a little red because of the suction and heat. After 2~3 day, I can see my arms a little tighter than before. And the skin becomes fine and smooth. I like it. Then I went to the salon many times later.

After two months, now my arms become slim. I can wear many beautiful sleeveless dresses and I feel more confident.

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