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Ultrasound cavitation Body Weight Loss RF Skin Beauty Machine

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more female friends will pay more attention to their beauty. As people often say, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women . There will also be many men who will also pay attention to their looks. Besides, Beauty-loving mentality, everyone has it. But most female friends have obesity problems. Because obesity allows me to use more cosmetics also can unable to get beautiful appearance. Some people even feel inferior because of obesity.

Therefore, more and more people will choose to go to the medical clinic to do beauty treatments. And very willing to spend more time doing body care. However, there are now a variety of weight loss methods in beauty salons, such as: frozen weight loss, Ultrsonic cavitation weight loss, radio frequency weight loss technology, etc. Now these weight loss techniques are very good weight loss techniques.

In addition to weight loss, facial beauty is also improtant, such as: microdermabrasion, needle-free beauty, RF instruments, E-light (IPL+RF).
Some people also like to wear bikinis in summer ,but due to have body hair, especially female friends. In this case, if you have armpit hair under your arm, it will look very embarrassing. Therefore, people also chooses hair removal, and the technique of hair removal is also very much, such as: IPL Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Yag Laser Hair Removal.

In addition to weight loss, facial beauty is also improtant, such as: microdermabrasion, needle-free beauty, RF instruments, E-light (IPL+RF).
Some people also like to wear bikinis in summer ,but due to have body hair, especially female friends. In this case, if you have armpit hair under your arm, it will look very embarrassing. Therefore, people also chooses hair removal, and the technique of hair removal is also very much, such as: IPL Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Yag Laser Hair Removal.


This is called S-SHAPE 40K Cavitation EMS Electroporation Vacuum Suction Body Face Care Machine.

Let\'s take a look at how it works?

As you can see the picture, this instrument has 4 handles, which are Suction & RF Facial Slimming Probe, EMS & EL Electroporation Facial Anti-aging probe, 40Khz Cavitation RF Body Slimming probe and Vacuum RF Body Sculpture probe.

Suction&RF Facial Slimming

The function of Suction&RF Facial Slimming is mainly for the treatment of the face. The vacuum RF handle is applied to the surface of the skin tissue to enhance and stimulate the underlying structure of the skin. At the same time, the purpose of vacuum adsorption is to improve blood flow and lymph circulation. Since the vacuum adsorption can exert a certain massage effect on the blood of the human skin, and then by radio frequency heating, the collagen fiber dermis obtains heat through the RF energy to restore the collagen immediately, and promotes the regeneration of the new collagen, so The skin on the face is lifted and tightened to remove wrinkles.


EMS&EL Electroporation Facial Anti-aging probe

The main function of EMS&EL Electroporation Facial Anti-aging probe is to open the skin pores after electrical stimulation, and then use the nutrients of the skin to massage the face and promote the absorption of nutrients. Massage the face to relieve skin slack, and also allow the skin to fully absorb nutrients, help the skin to improve fine lines, and make the skin smooth and firm.


40Khz Cavitation RF Body Slimming

Ultrasound and radio frequency are combined on one handle. The combination of this technology is very suitable for weight loss treatment, because the energy of 40khz is high frequency ultrasonic wave, which acts on the fat layer, and the vibration of the firm cellulite is broken by the energy of ultrasonic wave. The formation of the displaced fatty glycerol, which is then metabolized by the body Xincheng, is broken down, but the fat cells suddenly decrease, which will make the skin become slack, so with the radio frequency, the role of radio frequency is to heat the subcutaneous tissue and promote the regeneration of collagen collagen. Ability to produce large amounts of collagen to give the skin a firming effect.


Vacuum RF Body Sculpture

Role of Vacuum RF Body Sculpture probe: The function of this handle is to remove excess fat. Its function is to inhale the local fat into the handle by vacuum suction, and then heat the fat cells through the high energy of radio frequency. The fat cells are When heated, it will become swollen and then rupture, while RF can heat collagen and promote collagen regeneration. Ultimately, it can achieve weight loss, wrinkle, and tension, making skin smoother and more elastic.


How to use this instrument to do salon?

As I mentioned above, this instrument can be used body spa, that is beauty salon. So how do we use this instrument, and what is the order of use? I will break down the specific steps .
1. First of all, before doing the salon, we must first do a preliminary physical condition survey for the customer, which is also for the health of the customer. Ask the client if they have any disease, whether they have had surgery, whether they have heart disease or not.


2. After completing these surveys and determining that the customer is suitable for using this instrument, we first let the customer change the beauty salon professional beauty clothes. Prevent soiling of customers' own clothes. Let the customer prepare for the front and lie flat.


3. After these preliminary work is done, our first step is to clean the face of the customer. The woman with makeup should first do the makeup removal treatment, use some makeup remover water, and remove the makeup and wipe it with clean water. At the end of this step, the skin is massaged with some professional skin nutrient solution or skin care products. The skin massage can not only relieve skin tension, but also stimulate skin blood circulation and lift the skin. Let the skin cells absorb the nutrients and remove impurities from the skin. This step takes about 15~20 minutes.


4. After the cleaning is finished, start using the instrument for care. First, use the RF&SUCTION handle to apply a thin face to the face, apply a proper amount of lotion on the face, and lift the cheeks, forehead, and double chin. They are all pulled from the middle to the sides. This operation takes 15 minutes.

5.After completing RF&SUCTION, you need to supplement the skin with nutrients. Now,you should use EMS&EL Electroporation. The main function of this handle is to replace the method of hand massage on the face and supplement the nutrients. EMS&EL can be used more effectively. Promotes the absorption of nutrients by the skin. Treatment takes 20 minutes

6. At this time, the facial care is over, but the face should be hydrated, because after the treatment, the skin will be dry and lack of water. At this time, it is necessary to apply some skin essence on the face and then apply hydrating. Mask, in order to better absorb the nutrients, can be combined with professional thermal spray equipment, or LED skin beauty instrument. Because both thermal spray and LED lights allow the technology to heat up, open the pores. It takes 15 minutes to apply the mask.


7.After the face care, then do body weight loss, first apply some lotion or essence in the area where you need to lose weight, use RF&ULTRA SOUND handle to lose weight on the parts that need to remove fat, such as hip, belly, Larger parts such as the waist, thighs, and arms. The method of weight loss treatment is to pull back and forth in the parts that need to lose weight, or to rotate back and forth when the fat is thicker. The whole treatment process needs to be determined according to the obesity layer of each person, generally 20 to 30 minutes.

8.After finishing the up step, and then doing partial weight loss, the handle used is RF&SUCTION. This handle can tighten the skin, and can also do body massage and lymphatic drainage. Because vacuum adsorption can promote lymphatics. The activity of the cells can also be treated by scraping.


1. After finishing the above care, do not take a bath within 8 hours, let alone contact cold water, because the pores of the body are open after treatment, and the bath is easy to absorb cold, which will lead to a cold.
2. In the 3 days after the night of nursing, apply mask to the hydration every night before going to bed every 15 minutes. Apply some moisturizing skin care products after washing your face in the morning to prevent dry skin.
3. Do not overeating, try not to eat too spicy food, prevent skin allergies, or lead to obesity.
4. If you can, exercise properly, you can improve your body's metabolic capacity, drink plenty of water, and eliminate toxins from the body.
5. Please pay attention to let the professional beautician operate the instrument.

where can you buy this machine?

You can go into our Alibaba platform to get it.

This is how to use this instrument. If you want to know more detailed operation methods, please contact me, I will answer your questions one by one. Thank you!

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