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Ultrasonic Facial Treatment For Aging Skin

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What Is Ultrasonic Facial Treatment ?

The ultrasonic face lift is an noninvasive procedure that aims to give the skin a tighter ,younger-looking appearance. Ultrasonic can be used on most parts of our body. Including Legs, arms, waist, buttocks, and face areas.it can be use for business and personal , which is very suit for people do not have time go to spa.
Also the Ultrasound skin tightening device reaches 4-6mm deep under the skin , penetrating into the second layer of muscles underneath the facial muscles , to achieve weight loss and body whitening .

How Does Ultrasonic Works ?

Ultrasonic waves can emit powerful sound waves, vibrating fat cells at the fastest speed, generating a large number of vacuum air bags inside and outside the fat cells, strongly impacting fat cells, causing an inward explosion, decomposing triglycerides into glycerol, and releasing them. The inward explosion of intracellular and extracellular cells may lead to increased molecular motion and increased energy levels, which ultimately leads to the breakdown of fat cells, thereby achieving fitness and weight loss.

What Should We Know During Using Ultrasonic Facial product ?

1.Clean the skin of the physiotherapy area before using the Ultrasonic instrument.
2.We have to use Ultrasonic gel during treatment .
3.Do not wear any jewelry during use.
4.Use twice a week, don't use it frequently.it is not good for our skin.
5. Pregnant women, menstrual period, heart disease, or organ implants are forbidden.

What Are the Benefits of Ultrasonic Facial Treatment ?

1.Stimulates blood flow
2.Exfoliates dead skin cells
3.Clears acne
4.Tightens facial area
5.Helps diminish wrinkles and fine lines
6.Reduces under eye bags
7.Fades age spots, redness, and scars

What Are The Side Effect Of Ultrasonic Facial Treatment ?Are They Safe To Use ?

Ultrasound treatment is a cosmetic technique that has no side effects at all. It is only because the contact between the ultrasonic device and the skin may be a little reddish and will disappear within an hour or so.
Ultrasound is also a relatively simple instrument, so it is easy and safe to use.

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