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Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine

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Hello everyone, I am a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment. I have many years of experience in this industry. There is also a certain awareness of the beauty industry. For example, in the field of body shaping and weight loss, I have witnessed the weight loss technology developed from the previous drug weight loss, to liposuction surgery weight loss, and up to now through various biological and physical theories weight loss technology. It can be said that it is constantly innovating. The safety and diversification of weight loss are also constantly moving towards a more comprehensive direction. That also reflect the advancement of technology.
However, I am here to introduce you to a weight loss instrument. This device combines several different weight loss techniques.
There are Ultrasonic Cavitation, Vacuum RF, Radio Frequency. The combination of these technologies can make fat loss in all parts of the body more comprehensive.

This instrument just is the Ultrasonic cavitation slimming machine (MS-54D1 which is the name of our company's instrument model).

As Show Below:


Machine Theory:

Ultrasonic Cavitation:
The function of the ultrasonic probe is to send a strong sound wave of 40KHz through the device, and then act on the part where the fat is needed. Under the action of high frequency ultrasonic waves, fat cells are destroyed and ruptured under severe vibration. Free fatty acids are formed. It is then excluded from the body by decomposition of the body.

Vacuum RF:
Vacuum RF works by Vacuum suction of the Vacuum probe to absorb local fat and then send out heat energy through RF. The RF energy allows the fat cells to be heated and expand. Eventually, the fat cells will burst and the fat of the fat cells will flow out of the skin or be swallowed by macrophages, which will eventually achieve the effect of weight loss.

Radio Frequency:
The main function of the radiofrequency probe is to send out radiofrequency energy, which is then applied to the cell. Different functions can be performed by regulating different energy levels.Can be used as weight loss, but also can promote the regeneration of skin collagen.The idea is to generate heat and then heat the cell, and the cell becomes very active when it's heated.It's constantly producing collagen.This is why RF can wrinkle.


1. High frequency ultrasound is adopted for selective treatment of local body fat, with stronger penetration and more obvious effect of weight loss.
2. With Radio Frequency technology, this instrument is more efficient in weight loss.
3. There is no need to anesthetize the muscles and carry out any operation during the whole process, which is safe.
4. It can also transform the face skin to make the skin more elastic.


Can reduce weight to arm, leg ministry, crus, abdomen model body, still can undertake to facial ministry skin wrinkle, fight fatigue to wait for effect.

Use the steps (to remove fat from the belly as an example):

1. Have a diagnosis of whether the patient has a heart disease, or a serious medical history, and whether surgery has been performed.
2. A preliminary diagnosis of the treatment is needed to confirm the treatment plan. Because of the different degrees of obesity, the treatment cycle is different.
3. Let the guests prepare, replace the clothes used for treatment, turn on the power, and set the parameters of the instrument according to the instructions.
4. Apply a gel to your belly, then use the Ultrasonic cavitation probe to move back and forth over the area you need to treat, allowing energy to act on the fat area. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. The same is true for other parts.
5. For the skin treatment of the face, select the Radio Frequency probe, adjust the parameters of the probe, the treatment time is generally about 20~30 minutes. Let the probe move back and forth over the cheeks.
6. When the whole treatment is over, you need to apply some skin care products or Skin nutrient solution to the treatment area to let the cells absorb nutrients more fully and promote collagen regeneration.

Because there are three Radio Frequency probes for this instrument, Three-Polar RF, Quadrupole RF, and Six-polar RF. Different levels are used in different parts.

Are there any side effects?

Red spots on the skin, swollen, and allergies may occur. These are normal. These side effects will not cause much damage to the human body and will soon disappear. Of course, not all people will have these conditions, and only a small number of people with sensitive skin will have these conditions.

Ok, this is all the content I shared. If anyone wants to know the parameters of this together, or how to use it, please leave a message, thank you! !

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