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Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Weight Loss

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Weight Loss

Hello everyone, I recently heard many friends say in his circle of friends that I want to lose weight. Some said that I must reduce my weight within one month. However, But some friends in his dynamic joked, "If you can lose 2kg in a month, I will ask you to eat." This looks very funny, but it is. Many people want to lose weight, but there is no better way to successfully cut fat.

In order to save a little money, most people choose to diet, then add exercise and run. Or go to the gym. But for most white-collar workers. I have been tired for a day because I usually go to work. Therefore, even if you do a good weight loss plan, there will be no motivation to lose weight after work. However, everyone knows that such a way to lose weight will not only be very tired, but the effect is not obvious. Therefore, many people are unable to persist. Losing weight has become a dream.

However, using scientific weight loss methods can make weight loss easy and effective. From the previous liposuction surgery to Slimming machine for lose weight,.to the current Use weight-loss devices to help you lose weight. Of course, what I want to introduce now is the weight loss method using weight loss equipment. Because liposuction surgery not only costs money, but also hurts the body.

At present, the clinically tested weight loss technologies are: RF weight loss technology, frozen fat weight loss technology, Ultrasonic Cavitation weight loss, Air pressure weight loss, Vacuum RF weight loss technology. These weight loss techniques are do not harm The body. They are all weight loss instruments developed with the help of physical principles.
Today, I want to introduce to you a weight loss technology, Ultrasonic Cavitation. This technology is used in a lot of weight loss equipment. It can be said that as long as it is a beauty salon, or the instrument to do the body salon , there is no shortage of this technology.

I will use the latest research and development of a new weight loss instrument in our company as an example to explain the role and benefits of this weight loss technology. What about weight loss?

As shown below:


You can see that this instrument is equipped with 4 handles, which means that this instrument has many functions and is an instrument suitable for body salon. It is a device for body weight loss and facial care. So what is the working principle of this device?

First of all, let's take a look at what is ultrasound, why can it be used for weight loss?
Ultrasound is accessible everywhere in our lives. And in life, Lot of the products are developed using ultrasonic technology. Sound is transmitted in the form of sound waves.And sound waves have a high power. Therefore, ultrasonic waves are widely used in various fields. For example, medicine, military, industry, agriculture, or all areas of life. Ultrasonic waves are also sound waves. The sound waves in the band above 20,000hz are called ultrasonic waves. And this kind of sound wave in the high frequency band is not audible to human hearing.

Because the ultrasonic wave has a strong penetrating power, it can be used for cleaning, speed measurement, and test distance. It can be used for sterilization in hospitals. I will give you an example that use ultrasound in medical treatment. For example, we have sore throat caused by bacterial infection, the hospital will let us do atomization treatment. That is, the medicine is mixed and turned into a liquid, and then the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration is used to change the water into a water mist, and then introduced into the human respiratory passage through a catheter. Let the medicine is more effectively absorbed by the body, and the treatment effect will be more obvious.

In addition, the electronic products used in our lives are also have some using the principle of ultrasonic, Such as air humidifier.
Its working principle is also to use the high-frequency vibration of ultrasonic waves to atomize the water, and then spraying to the air to enhance the humidity of the air.

How does ultrasound cavitation work?


Ultrasonic cavitation fat loss technology uses ultrasonic probes to generate ultrasonic energy, which is a high-frequency vibration energy. The frequency will reach 40KHZ, and this sound wave is beyond the human hearing range. Therefore, people can't hear the harsh sound. It does not cause discomfort to people when used. It will not affect people's hearing. Then, the energy of the ultrasound has a great penetrating power, and the ultrasound acts on the fat layer of the body. Fat cells rupture under the vibration of huge ultrasonic energy. Free fatty acids are formed. Dead fat cells and fatty acids are excluded from the body under the self-regulation of the body. Finally, the effect of losing weight is achieved. This probe is also equipped with radio frequency, where the role of RF is to tighten the skin and promote collagen regeneration. Remove skin wrinkles caused by loss of body fat.

Of course, the ultrasonic fat-loss technology is not available in all parts of the body. It is generally used in thicker areas of the fat layer, for example, on both sides of the waist, belly parts, thighs and calves, arms, buttocks, etc. But it can't be used on the back. Because the back have human spine, and the fat layer will be thinner. As we have mentioned before, ultrasound has a lot of energy. If it acts on the back, it will affect the spine.

How to use it?

The role of this handle is to lose weight, so let's see how to use it.
We take the steps of breaking down the fat on the belly:
1. First of all, we must conduct a preliminary physical health survey on the client, asking if the client is sick, whether he has had surgery, and whether there is metal in the body.
2. After completing the health consultation, let the customer change the clothing used in the professional beauty salon to prevent soiling of the customer's clothes. After preparing for the initial preparation, let the customer lie flat on the medical bed.
3. Apply gel or essential oil to the area where the client needs treatment.
4. Then power on the instrument, set the parameters of the instrument, treatment time (20~30 minutes), etc.
5. Then slide the probe from the middle to the waist on the stomach. If the fat is thick, you can do it.

How long does it take to treat?

The cycle of receiving weight loss treatment requires setting the treatment cycle based on the individual's obesity.
You can receive treatment 2 to 3 times a week, each treatment is 20 to 30 minutes.
Obvious effects can usually be seen after 3 months, because in this process, the dead fat cells need to be adjusted by the body itself to remove excess fat. The treatment time of the thigh, waist and arm is the same treatment time.




1. Is this weight loss technology safe?
Yes, this weight loss technique is harmless to the body. As long as it is operated according to the instructions, it will not affect the body.
2. Will it hurt the skin?
There is no harm to the skin. First, the therapist needs to apply the gel. Secondly, the ultrasonic energy has a certain penetrating ability and will not directly act on the skin, so it will not harm the skin.
3. Can the face be done?
Can't use on the face because the fat on the face is thinner.
4. Can children use it?
This weight loss technique is used on the body over 16 years of age.
5. What drugs do you need to take with your treatment?
Need to pay attention to eating habits after receiving treatment.
6. Does it affect normal life after treatment?
No effect, after receiving treatment will not affect the daily work life.

Side effect

Ultrasound weight loss basically has no side effects on the body, but it feels a little hot after treatment. This is because ultrasound weight loss probe combined with the radio frequency technology, and radio frequency will has heat. But this feeling will soon disappear.
However, if it is not handled properly, it may cause skin abrasions, so it is necessary to match the gel during treatment. Do not allow the probe to come into direct contact with the skin.

Comparison of the therapeutic effects of these two ultrasonic handles

Ultra Sound+RF


Ultra Sound


The difference between the two handles above is that one has an RF Radio Frequency. The other is without RF. as shown in the picture.
So what is the difference between their therapeutic effects?

As I explained earlier, Ultrasound cavitation works the same way and function, but if the handle has RF Radio Frequency, the principle of radio frequency is to heat the fat by emitting RF energy, so that the fat cells are heated and rupture. The fat cells blast under the effect of continuous rupture, and with the energy of the ultrasonic waves, the functions of the ultrasound and RF Radio Frequency on this handle work simultaneously. Therefore, the fat cell rupture speed is accelerated, and the treatment time is greatly reduced. The treatment effect is more obvious.
In addition, RF can stimulate collagen regeneration, and by heating muscle tissue, it produces more collagen. It can make the skin smoother and firmer and remove wrinkles. The most important thing is that the area where the fat is reduced does not cause skin wrinkles. Because the fat layer becomes thinner after losing weight, the skin of the corresponding part will become drooping and wrinkles will appear.

This is the advantage of combining ultrasonic and RF technologies on one handle.
The above is how the Ultra sound Cavitation that I introduced to you today works and how to use it. Thank you!

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