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Top 5 Air Pressure Lymphatic Drainage Machine for Legs at Home for 2019

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Hey guys, I believe that most of the girls have experience of losing weight. Maybe some of you want to slim belly, slim back, slim arm, or you want to thin legs. We all want to be a beautiful girl with straight, slender legs. We all want to find a good and effective way to thin thighs at home. So, today I want to introduce the 5 best air pressure lymphatic drainage machines at home.

As we all know, the air pressure bodysuit not only promotes lymphatic drainage in the legs but also shapes the legs. When we use this air pressure machine at home, the effects of leg lymphatic detoxification and stovepipe can be achieved at the same time. In this way, it is a good experience to have a leg spa at home.

Let’s First Understand How The Air Pressure Machine Works? What Is It Principle?
By using the principle of air pressure, the air pressure massage body slimming suit is inflated, and then the leg muscles are tight. What’s more, the heat generated by the machine transferred to the legs, double promoting the activity of the thigh cells, promoting the flow of the inner circulation, accelerating the metabolism in the human body, thereby achieving detoxification, weight loss, and effectively regulating endocrine.

All Right, we have fully understood the principle of air pressure lymphatic drainage slimming machine. Then we don't need to doubt its role anymore. Next, Let’s get start to introduce the top 5 air pressure machines for legs at home for 2019.

1. Air Pressure Pressotherapy Detox Slimming Machine


This air pressure pressotherapy detox slimming machine, we can clearly see from the photo, its body, arm, and leg are separated. We can do the air detoxification of each body part separately, especially at the home to do the leg pressure massage spa is also very convenient. This design of this air pressure machine is also very user-friendly. The screen controls each part of treatment area such as abdomen, hand, waist, leg and foot. You can adjust the temperature of your favorite treatment area individually. So this machine is really very convenient and intimate when at home doing lymphatic detoxification.

The big surprising is that there are five working modes, mode A to F. The difference between the five working modes is the way of inflating, and the way of deflation. You can see from the photos that the air pressure massage body slimming suit is not a piece of film, but a piece of cloth which are divided into 7 pieces. For example, in mode A, fill with 1 first, then 2, then 3, until 7, then start to deflate and re-circulate again. Each mode is different, here you can experience the rhythm spa of your legs according to the rhythm you like.

Having said that, I would like to talk about the technology it uses, air pressure and far Infrared therapy. I believe everyone knows what benefits air pressure brings. here I'll mention the role of far infrared. Far infrared lymphatic drainage machine can produce heat. It can transfer the heat generated by the machine itself to the human skin through clothing, promoting human metabolism, and making the lymphatic detoxification and weight loss better. In a word, it makes treatment more effective and faster.

- Detoxify, lymphatic drainage, deep relaxation.
- Leg shapes; tone body muscles.
- Improve the appearance of cellulite; Improved circulation.
- Good for people who follow an inactive lifestyle and suffer from the problem of swelling, puffiness, etc.
- Relieve pain, reduces stress, and fatigue by infrared

How Much Does This Machine Cost?
This machine is priced from $467.5 to $550 in our store.

2. Far Infrared Pressotherapy Machine


This far infrared pressotherapy machine is similar to the above machine, but it also has differences. First of all, it adopts the air pressure and far infrared therapy technologies. In addition, it is also possible to work on the legs, waist, and arms separately, such as mode 1 is to do the arm, mode 2 is to do the body, mode 3, 4 is to do the leg.

What is the difference? First, as a woman, I understand that most girls would like to have a chance to choose colors, so I offer two colors for you to choose depending on your personal preferences. Second, this far infrared pressotherapy machine does not have a more varied working mode like the previous one. Its clothes are a whole piece of cloth. This may be a little less fun, but it will be cheaper, and it will cost around $329 to $370 in our store.

3. Air Pressure Massage Body Slimming Suit


This air pressure massage body slimming suit, we can find that it is almost exactly the same as the first machine, almost no difference from the picture. But from a technical point of view, they are different. This machine has only air pressure massage technology without far infrared therapy. Maybe someone might ask if this effect will be reduced? In fact, this air pressure massage body slimming suit perform well for lymphatic detoxification
This air pressure massage body slimming suit is priced at $350-$370 in our store.

4. Air Pressure Massage Lymphatic Drainage Machine


Air pressure massage lymphatic drainage machine, its technology is the same as the third machine, only air pressure. If you want a cost-effective one, you can buy this set of detox suits, and it's great to have air pressure massage at home. This price is around $280-319.

5. Lymphatic Drainage Far Infrared Pressotherapy Slim Machine


This lymphatic drainage far infrared pressotherapy slim machine, the technology and operation method it took was exactly the same as the second machine. Then why should I rank it fifth? First, this machine is lymphatic drainage far infrared pressotherapy bodysuit. If you want to do lymphatic drainage far infrared therapy treatment at home, it is a first choice, so I will list it as the fifth. Its price is about $300.


In this article, I mainly introduce five air pressure machines to you, from the price, technology, power, operation, and other aspects to introduce their differences. Hope it will help you.

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