Things You May Want To Know About Far Infrared Pressotherapy

  • Author: Erin LiuDate:01-25-2019

What Is Far Infrared Blanket?

Far Infrared pressotherapy is controlled by the main machine, working by the air pump.The air pressure will throughout whole body circulate, to increase the blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Far infrared heating therapy generates heat from fat infrared rays, which temperature can reach 0-80 degree. When the temperature reach 70 degree, the energy will penetrate into the muscles and deep skin from 4cm to 7cm, this can fully dissolve the excess oil, and get the body slimming result.

What Are The Far Infrared Pressotherapy Slimming Machine Treatment Benefits?

Far infrared blanket was known as “scavenger”, will warm up for 60-80 degree, the air inflation throughout the abdomen, arms, legs, air pressure prompting within the circulatory system to speed up the cycle in the human body, in order to achieve detoxification slimming, endocrine regulation,help to improve the blood circulation, can speed up the body toxin and removal fat from body

A. Improve Body Lymphatic Drainage
B. Body slimming and weight loss
C. Pain release, body relaxing
D. Help to improve skin tone
E. Improve blood circulation
F. Improve body sweating

What Is The Side Effects Of Infrared Sauna Blanket Machine?

Far infrared blanket have been used for many years, and you can see any where, someone use for personal, salon do treatment for client, gym and other health care place. As known, there was not serious side effect for this kind of treatment, but the below situation will appear after treatment.
1. Dehydration
2. Speed up heat beat

What Should I Do For Far Infrared Blanket Treatment?

1. Wear the comfortable clothing
2. Removal make up
3. Removal the jewelry or watch from body
4. Keep skin clean and dry
5. Connect the wire to the treatment zone
6. Wear the blanket and start the function
7. After 20 minutes then stop

What Are The Air Pressure Machine Reviews?

Virtually no heat up time, 2-5 minutes for all 3 zones, other blankets I have used can take up to 15-20 minutes. It is light enough for me to pick up and to store despite my spine injury.I would recommend this product to anyone because it has changed my quality of life. All my old military injuries feel better with daily use of the blanket and it was well worth the price! -Amanda

This blanket has helped me so much with muscle tightness and pain in my legs and feet. It feels amazing all over, but the proof of how good it is has been that I don't wake up every night with my calves in knots or with both of my legs aching. - Dorine

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