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The Most Useful Led Mask Facial Care Device

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The led mask treatment is popular now, it is easy to carry and the clients can do the treatment at home. Today we introduce a very useful led mask facial care device model: LT-110F

The Led Mask Principle

LED light uses a specific wavelength of light to release different types of energy, called photons. Unlike laser, it is a glowing diode that can be used to kill bacteria that cause spots. It can also treat several aspects of skin aging, improve fine lines, mottled pigmentation, tactile roughness, and jaundice, and also promote collagen production and increase.

The Feature Of The Led Mask:

1.There are 7 colors, different colors have different functions, you can choose the color according to your requirement.
2.Has the neck part, Most of the led mask do not have the neck part, but this model LT-110F do have, also can do neck treatment at the same time.
3.Has the function of bio microcurrent, which has a good effect on skin tighten lifting, wrinkle removal.


The Function Of Different Light:

Red light: whitening, rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle, repair damaged skin, smooth fine lines, shrink pores and increase collagen.
Blue light: Blue light has a rapid inhibitory effect on inflammation, effectively destroying bacteria, minimizing acne, inflammation, and healing in a short time.
Violet light: Especially in the treatment of acne and pock marks have a special good effect and repair effect.
Yellow light: Add energy to skin cells, promote gland function, assist digestion, treat skin diseases, and enhance immune function.
Green light: Neutralization, balance and safety protection, relieve stress and effectively clear lymph and edema
Green Blu-ray: Promotes metabolism
White light: deeply penetrates the skin, accelerates the metabolism, stimulates cells, improves the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

How To Operate The Led Mask.

1. First, clean the surface of the skin, let the water dry naturally, or gently wash off the moisture on the skin with a freshwater absorbent towel
2. Remove the LED color smooth mask assembly, then remove the power control box and connect the power cord of the mask instrument to the output hole of the power control box.
3. Open the “Color Select/Enable Power Indicator” according to the selected button and the default time is 30 minutes. Again, select the button type (01-07, blue, blue, green, yellow, pure, cyan, white, o8 is the color exchange automatically) via "Color Select / Activate". Increase the working time according to the time of "Time - ↓" and "Time + ↑" to reduce the working time (according to individual needs), 0-60 minutes). Be careful not to stare at the light source for a long time while operating. "Brightness" allows you to choose the intensity of the light (01 - 09). "Blinking" allows you to select the indicator flashing mode. Microcurrent can adjust the strength (01-09). (Adjust according to individual needs).
4. Cover the face and find a suitable comfortable position, adjust the tightness of the magic belt, use a fixed mask. (Before wearing a mask, you can adjust the hair to the weakest light before you wear it.)
5. It is best to close your eyes or wear goggles when doing treatment.
6. Photon mask can be combined with the use of disposable mask skin care products, after cleaning the facial skin, the disposable mask of the care product is evenly applied to the face, using photon irradiation, after a period of time (generally recommended 15-30 minutes), The control box automatically turns off the LED photons. At this point, the mask is removed and cleaned for further use.
7. There are 7 micro-current contacts inside the Mask instrument, which can be disassembled without using the micro-current function. When you need it, you can plug it in again. Please keep the accessories safely to avoid loss.

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