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The Best Way to Cleanse Lymphatic System-Negative Pressure Slimming Detox Slimming Machine

  • Author: Caroline LiuDate:11-25-2020

Why Negative Pressure Slimming Can Cleanse Lymphatic System?

Massage the skin and muscle through negative pressure slimming, which can effectively improve the fluidity of body cells, increase cell movement, achieve the effect of activating cells to improve skin elasticity, and accelerate blood circulation of microvessels.
The excess toxins in the body are normally excreted from the body through the bar system, reducing and improving the chances of formation of pigmentation, pigmentation, and congestion in various parts of the body. The kneading effect produced by negative air pressure liposuction can increase the tissue activity of the skin and muscles, increase the elasticity of the skin tissue, and make the slimming and shaping simultaneously.
In addition, negative pressure slimming movement can stimulate the surface and deep sympathetic nervous system to improve skin sensitivity. The air pressure absorption process not only improves the capillary system, but also improves the spatial flow of deep meridians and lymph glands, and strengthens blood vessel improvement.


Negative Pressure Slimming VS Traditional Cupping

Traditional cupping - refers to traditional cupping (gas cans, cups, etc.), skin and cells lack of oxygen, pull up to 10-15 minutes at a time, pull out once every two months, the interval is too long, because Mainly leaked, so people will be very empty! Take a bath 8 hours after cupping.
The traditional cupping only sucks, it only diarrhea does not make up. Generally, the cupping is no more than 10 to 15 minutes, because it is dead; if the cells do not breathe for too long, the cells will be airtight or even die. People who are physically weak will become more and more imaginary, and they cannot pull out often.

Negative Pressure Slimming-negative pressure dynamic negative pressure tank, one breath and one suction, flat fill and vent, six hours to pull out the second time! Will not hurt the body.
Negative pressure cans are flat and diarrhea, which can adjust the body in both directions; if it is imaginary, it will be diarrhea. Therefore, people will not be empty and more humanized every day.

One live tank negative pressure conditioning = 100 routine manual care

Negative Pressure Slimming Weight Loss

Liposuction is where the skin is thin, it needs surgery, there is a repair period, for people with physical weakness, there is a certain side effect; negative pressure slimming weight loss belongs to physical therapy, no surgery, the therapy can evenly slim down, at the same time dredge meridian, detoxification and dampness, contribute to deep improvement and achieve the overall shaping effect.

Benefits of Negative Pressure Slimming

1. Facial: dredge facial meridians, can be spotted acne, go to double chin, enhance facial contours.
2. Back, abdomen: mainly to help clear the meridians (the waist and abdomen run through the Ren Du two veins, with the pulse, the bladder, is the main meridian of the human body), minus excess
fat. When it is applied to the abdomen, it can not only lose weight, but also achieve warmth, cure palace cold and relieve constipation.
3. Neck: It can improve the phenomenon of thick and swollen neck.
4. Chest: Fullness of the chest, improve the sagging of the chest, deformation, can promote breast blood circulation, hernia and breast milk have a preventive effect on other diseases. Enhance the
beauty of female curves and add femininity.
5. Buttocks: Remove excess fat from the buttocks, help to raise the buttocks, improve and perfect the hip shape, and create a beautiful hip.
6. Legs and arms: remove excess fat, firm skin, help restore skin elasticity and promote blood circulation.
7. Underarm and groin: promote lymphatic system detoxification.



Applicable people: want to improve the face, improve eye bags, dark circles, shoulder and neck, breast, lobular hyperplasia, sagging, etc., slimming weight loss, hip, treatment of constipation, stomach cold, palace cold, private, slimming please.

Taboo population: 1. Menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation. 2. Patients with major diseases such as heart disease and high blood pressure, such as acute infectious diseases and skin diseases. 3 patients who have undergone surgery, or are recovering from surgery, have skin problems or allergies in the chest, severe hyperplasia, tumor and chest disease. 4. People who are too weak. 5. Drunk, full, fasting, thirst, overworked.


1. Life: Take a bath 4-6 hours after the completion.
2. Dressing: Keep warm and avoid blowing and getting cold.
3. Diet: Avoid eating cold and spicy objects and drink warm water.

Dear friends, healthy and beautiful, sunny and confident, you are the most charming. Caring for your body, you are the smartest person to care for your health. Eat healthy food, be the most beautiful, love the most right person, live the happiest life. So, every day, you must learn to love yourself, gain weight for your soul, and reduce your body.

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