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Tattoo removal: What You Need To Know

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Tattoos have a long history, and the mainstream culture of tattoos has been popular and popular. A tattoo may be a rash decision in the blink of an eye, or it may describe many different stories, but when you remove the tattoo, the story is over. Although we have been told that tattoos are permanent, with the advancement of modern technology, it is easy and effective to remove tattoos. But this also requires a process that takes time and cost, so there are a few things to consider before you decide to remove the tattoo.

What It Is Tattoo Removal?

The basic definition of tattoo removal is to use laser (high-intensity beam) to break the tattoo ink particles. Some ink passes through the skin surface, and the ink left on the skin is broken down into smaller and smaller pieces. After a series of treatments, the particles will be Broken until they are no longer visible, black tattoo pigments absorb all laser wavelengths, making them the easiest to handle. Other colors can only be processed by the selected laser depending on the color of the pigment. When aiming at a tattoo with the appropriate wavelength of light and pulse duration, it heats the target to the point of destruction (photothermal effect) with minimal damage to the surrounding skin.


How Much DoesTattoo Removal Cost?

It is not cheap to properly remove tattoos under the guidance of a medical professional in a beauty salon. In fact, the cost can be very high. It all depends on the size of the tattoo, the color of the ink, the complexity of the design and the location of the tattoo, all of which are related to the price of each treatment, but the cost of going to the tattoo is longer and the cost will be higher. However, our tattooing equipment solves the cost problem in one time. The price of the machine is between $1000 and $3000.

How About The Treatment Suggestion?

The average response for 6 to 10 treatments may be accurate, but the actual number of treatments required may be higher, and there are many factors that influence the response of the tattoo to laser treatment, including the design and location of the tattoo and your skin pigmentation and The interval between treatments and the correct operation of the treatment will minimize the risk of scarring. Treatment requires at least 8 weeks of treatment for best results.

Can You Bear The Pain When Removing Tattoos?

Laser tattoo removal usually involves a certain amount of pain, but many people say it hurts less than expected. It is generally accepted that tattoo removal is unbearable, but most patients think that the removal feeling is similar to that of a tattoo. It will be as painful as a rubber band repeatedly biting the skin. It is very painful, but it can be tolerated.


Some Helpful Tips When Through Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment:

Food, incorporating plenty of proteins into your diet.
Do more exercise
Drink more water
Quit smoking
Supplements to strengthen liver
Dry skin brushing
Get plenty of sleep
Avoid excess exposure sun

What To Expect Once Your Tattoo Is Removed?

Once the treatment of tattoo removal is finished, the treatment area will be red and swollen, and the bruises are normal, experiencing blistering and crusting, and then regenerating. Regularly use an ointment like Aquaphor and use a bandage until the treatment area is completely healed. Once the skin heals from the acute effects of the laser, re-tattooing is safe, but it takes a while.

Will It Leave A Scar After Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Many customers are worried that after receiving a laser tattoo removal treatment, they will leave scars. They all want their skin to return to its most natural state after removing the tattoo. However, some people's tattoos have left scars, so it is difficult to repair when removing tattoos, because these scars may have been left by the tattoo artist at the time of the initial tattoo. When a laser is used to treat a skin to remove a tattoo, it will aim and destroy the tattoo pigment in the skin, and the color of the tattoo will be removed, but the scar of the original tattoo may still exist. Scars are not typical, and scars may form if the principles of post-operative care are not followed after tattoo removal surgery.


What About Side Effects Of Tattoo Removal?

Laser treatment is usually safer than many other tattoo removal methods. Laser treatment selectively treats pigments in tattoos, but it also has some side effects: There is a risk of infection at the tattoo removal site, which is expected to cause adverse reactions or minor burns. The tattoo may not be completely removed, or the area where the tattoo is removed, the skin color is darker or brighter than the surrounding skin.

Tattoo Removal Before and After



Just like your previous tattoo, if you are going to remove the tattoo now, be sure to consider all your options. Before conducting an operation, please conduct research and seek advice from a professional doctor. Considering that you are experiencing a procedure that eliminates the permanent design of the skin, it may take several months of laser treatment and recovery to fade the tattoo to the point where it can be reused. The laser area can still be tattooed again, but the treatment area takes time to recover. If you have already considered removing tattoos, laser tattoo removal is safe and effective and may be your best bet.

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