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Take A Minute To Learn Mini S Shape Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Shaping

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In nowadays, having an S line charming body shape is becoming more popular. But there are still who many people are struggling with obesity. obesity can make people not confident, and may also have a feeling of inferiority. In fact, it is not very hard for you to slim down. And ultrasonic cavitation slimming is not a newborn technology. But here I will introduce a new powerful and effective cavitation RF vacuum body shaping machine called Mini S Shape.

How does the mini S Shape RF cavitation ultrasonic machine work?

As an rf ultrasonic 30k cavitation fat-dissolving instrument for obesity caused by fat accumulation in the small parts of the waist, abdomen, calves, etc.,mini S Shape is widely welcomed by professional ultrasound cavitation beauty spa. The principle of the 30k cavitation RF radio frequency treatment is to emit high-intensity ultrasound energy. The ultrasound wave will destroy the fat cells located under the subcutaneous fat layer without damaging the skin and surrounding tissues while the heat of the radio frequency helps our body to dissolve the fat faster and produce more and more collagen after reducing the fat, changing the skin texture after fat cells are broken down. At the same time, the vacuum RF slimming probe strengthens the effect of cavitation ultrasonic RF fat removal and skin tightening, skin firming. After the cavitation rf vacuum treatment, the body shape becomes slimmer. The S line body is more and more obvious.


What are the advantages of the mini S Shape cavitation 40k slimming machine?

1.The double effect with double function probe: the machine combined Ultrasound Cavitation and RF in one probe for cavitation body slimming, Vacuum and RF in one probe for body shaping and body massage. Both weight loss cavitation probes are with 2 functions, double effect.
2. It can save the time of the cosmetologist and the customer and also accelerated the ultra cavitation slimming and skin lifting effect, saving the cost of the beauty spa at the same time.
3. It releases the hands of the beautician. The beautician of the beauty spa can save half of the treatment time with the help of double function probe. RF and cavitation, vacuum and RF work on the treatment area at the same time.


Which area of the body is suitable for the body contouring machine cavitation treatment?

1. Belly slimming: Cavitation machine ultrasonic treatment is effective on people who have a big belly, beer belly and big belly after postpartum.
2. Tighten the waist and abdomen: Reducing abdominal fat while shrinking and lifting sagging skin, creating a perfect S curve.
3. Slimming arms and thighs: Say goodbye to love handles and improve inner wall slack.
4. Lifting the buttocks:Prevent hips from sagging and raise the hip line.


How long does ultrasound cavitation last?

First, use the cavitation RF handle on the body for about 15-20minutes after applying some gel or nutrient on the treatment area of the body. Second, use the RF vacuum probe on the body for about 10-15 minutes in the treatment area. Finally, clean the treatment area. The total treatment can be finished in about 30 to 40 minutes which saves much time for the beautician and the client.

How often should you do ultrasound cavitation?

There must be at least three days between each treatment to give the body enough time for recovery. For most customers, I recommend at least 10 to 12 fat cavitation treatments for best results. Three times of treatment in the first month, two times of treatment is recommended in the second month. In the third month, one treatment once a week is the best choice to strengthen the effect. To get a long lasting result, you may choose to do the cavitation weight loss treatment once a month after all the three months.

What can I eat after ultrasonic cavitation?

1. It is very important to drink at least 2 liters of water before your treatment and another 2 liters in the day after your treatment (soft drink, soda, juice or tea is not water) to supply enough water for your body needs.
2. Eating any food or fruits is not recommend 2 hours before and 1 hour after ultrasound cavitation RF treatment.
3. Any alcohol or caffeine is not allowed in the day of rf cavitation treatment of 48 hours after.

These are some knowledge about mini S Shape machine body slimming. It is the best choice for both beauty salon and self-use which is economical and practical. If you have some other questions or some different point of view about the mini S Shape ultrasonic slimming machine, welcome to discuss and share with me.

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