Super EMS Pads Relieve Tired

  • Author: Caroline LiuDate:06-11-2019

For office lady and men usually trouble with pain, tired of whole body, cause the whole day staying at the siting with one position, no change any posture by watch computer. One day and one day, repeat the same working.


I am one of the office lady, my neck and waist will feel tired a little pain after finished one day working. For solving this problem, I go to salon for relaxation massage, but it does not work after 1 days.
By one chance, I happen a mini EMS massager pads. It is a small one, which can hold in hand and packed in bag. Below is the picture for show all of you.


It have a black bag for packing, and whenever you go, can take it away, since you are rest at office for lunch time, can take it out for using.

You do not need to worry for the operation, because it really really easy for handle.
Here is the steps for all of you reference:
Step 1: Connect it with your phone;
Step 2: Remove the protective film on the sticker,;
Step 3: Stick it to your shoulder /arm /leg;
Step 4: Simply press "+" to make it work or enhance the intensity, press "-" to turn it off or reduce the intensity.
For intensity, you can choose from lower to high, by - + to set it, just lying down and choose the intensity your body feel comfortable, and rest is enjoying the time of relax.

It can use on neck, arm, leg, waist, and back, you will feel a little needle inject the skin. And it will vibration and massage your target area by itself.

About the cost, pay less than US$10 you can take it for your personal use.

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